Demo/Promo Submission:

Existing as a label, focusing solely on physical media, certainly isn't easy these days....and the whole concept of running an underground label, with those core principles and values, is slowly being eroded.
Suffice to say there exists a deep paradox.....compared to how I always envisaged extreme and underground music/culture to be.
I'm always looking for interesting bands - and have always had a focus on supporting new/obscure underground acts.
I have a heavy release schedule, which will take me through most of 2023 – with little space for more.
Having said that, if you think your music really is suited to my label then I’ll be happy to give it a proper listen and some consideration.

To save time, then this is how I currently accept submissions:
- I do not listen to anything online or via download. If you want me to listen to your music seriously, then please send me a cdr promo. 
- If you can't send me a cdr then it is unlikely that I can help, sorry
Keep supporting physical media and underground culture.