The responsibility of the artist is to be true, nothing more and nothing less. Even if that means to turn the eye inwards to inspect and dissect whatever lies within him which is petty, self-centred, extraneous. Dictator, rummaging, at first, through the unrefined turmoil of adolescent angst, finally, through no lack of painful introspection, managed to crystallise a vision into something which transcends both the creator and the listener. Now his blood and toil belong to us. Here, reverence and horrific dissonance find themselves in an unlikely alliance. What God transpires through the creations lyricism is not a God the common mind can bear. And what better way to bring Him into consciousness than music? For it is only music which overcomes matter on this earth. As such, the music itself is not an exercise in poignant self-indulgence but rather, a litany, an act of audial martyrdom if you will. The choice of labelling is incidental, funereal, suicidal, whatever. The point is that the man plunged his hands into the heart of the beast and held it for us bloody and obscene. Blinding to the many, liberating to the few, there are indeed precious shards of light which escape between these sombre notes and penetrate most acutely, almost welcomingly. That is the nature of Dysangelist, it cannot reveal, only awaken.


  • Dysangelist - CD - Serpene Heli Music - 2008
  • Dysangelist - Tape - Pale Horse Recordings - 2009
  • Dysangelist - 2LP - Aesthetic Death - 2019