Carma was formed by the three members of Everto Signum: minus (guitars, bass and compositions), Nekruss (vocals and lyrics) and Igniferum (drums). The music of Carma is inspired by Funeral Doom, Black Metal and Dark Ambient.

The debut self-titled album is a 38-minute journey through the atmospheric soundscape of melancholy, nostalgia and ephemerality of life. The lyrics, written in Portugese, explore such themes as death, loss and mourning.
The track Lamento is based on three movements from the Peer Gynt suites written by Edvard Grieg.

The album was recorded and produced by the band members and mastered by Stefan Traunmuller at Soundtemple Studio. The somber and elegant album artwork was created by Infected Minds Alliance. Guest appearance on track Feto by Sergio Correia


  • Carma - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2015