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Section 37 is Stuart J Harris, with Jim Kirkwood and Cevin Moore. The initial concept was born out of the need to expand dark ideas and poems which had been written throughout the period 1980- present day. A correspondence with Jim Kirkwood, electronic musician and artist, culminated in a written work called Critical Mass.(1998), and was a satire based on the Book of Common Prayer.... and portrays Nuclear Power generation as a new form of religion. Via correspondence the first Section 37 album 'Critical Mass - The Order of Confirmation' was created in 1999 and released on Kirkwood's own Dark Age Music label. The album contains spoken word poetry,in a sermonic style, over a very dark dystopic collection of drones,industrialism, and mordant electronics. It came complete with a 16 page booklet of Kirkwood's paintings.
The follow up album 'Critical Mass vol. 2 - A Prayer for a Sick Child' was released in 2001, and deals with the second part of 'The Mass' - namely 'the order of the visitation of the sick' This album, though still part of the original written work, was mostly conceived, musically with Cevin Moore, at his Slug and Whippet studio, in Doncaster. This gave a more hands-on control of the musical side of the project. Cevin being a prolific producer and musician. All 8 pieces were conceived musically, between Stuart and Cevin, although Jim contributed keys, samples and production on tracks 6 + 7.
The third part for the order of Confirmation is still to be musically realised.
As Cevin's love of EBM and Darkwave was not being aired, the next project addressed this. From one of Stuart's works of poetry, "The Kudos Of Serial Killing", it was decided to create some pieces into song structure, to create an album purely compiled by 'serial killers'! The concept being that each killer belongs to a style, or guild, and expresses his 'modus operandi' in his own style of music. - hence the album has a very eclectic style from metal to ambient to darkwave to Numanesque dance...with other stops in between. Each track is heavily sampled with real, and cinematic serial killers, stating their processes. Though the album is varied in styles it all hangs together, much like a compilation album. Originally self-released on the Cevered spine label the first 30 came encased in authentic evidence bag and police tape. 'Kudos' featured 2 bonus remix tracks, as hidden songs. The album was released on a 50 numbered pressing in 2003 - and is now being released through Aesthetic Death.

After recording 'The Kudos of Serial Killing' in 2003 - Sect 37 (S37) went into an enforced hibernation with Cevin Moore leaving, whilst SJH continued to compose books of dark, iconoclastic poetry/songs - all the time waiting to find a like minded individual he could trust to express these obscurities. Meeting John Frost in 2011, a former singer/composer with indie/emo rock band 101. John wanted to expand his experience of composition and musical style, and was introduced to SJH's vast knowledge of Industrial, Darkwave, Avant garde and Electronica......
The pair decided to work together on a follow up to 'Kudos'. Using original poetry composed earlier by SJH, and then writing new material together to produce the album 'Legion' - which will be released by Aesthetic Death in 2013.

Being a companion to 'Kudos', the new album retains a darker, more disturbing portrayal of the sociopathic nature of serial killers - be they psychopathic, or simply mentally disturbed - again, utilising various styles to signify various killers own tastes. Though more "accessible" in nature, it becomes for that reason - more real. These people walk among us!
S37's next project is planned for 2014, and deals with the Annihilation of Humanity......

Section 37 is inspired by many bands, an eclectic mix such as Front Line Assembly, Lustmord, Fields of the Nephilim, Skinny Puppy, Roger Waters, NIN, Tangerine Dream, Shriekback, NFD, Tom Waits, Wumpscut, Tool, Depeche Mode....the list goes on.......
We thank you all for your support.

Section 37


  • The Kudos Of Serial Killing - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2011
  • Legion - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2013
  • Auslander - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2016

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