Aesthetic Death upcoming releases...
Last updated: 5 August 2022


Epitaphe (FRA) - II - 2LP (2023)

Estrangement (AUS) - Disfigurementality - CD (autumn 2022)

Esoteric (UK) - 9x vinyl box set (start 2023 - details to follow)

Unfold (USA) - debut album (autumn 2022)

Megalith Levitation (RUS) - Endless Fire - digi CD (late 2022)

Suffer Yourself (SWE) - Axis of Torture - CD/LP (CD late 2022)

Grava (DEN) - Weight of a God - digi CD (late 2022 - from the ashes of Whelm)

Ord / Demonologists (RUS/USA) - Secret Ceremonies - split CD (later 2022)


In production, at press:

Funeral Chasm (DEN) - Omniversal Existence - 2LP (at press - eta 27 July 2022)

Esoteric (UK) - Esoteric Emotions: The Death of Ignorance - 2LP (at press - eta October 2022)

Hivemind (UK) - Edict of the Elohim - digi CD (August 2022)

Cave Dweller (USA) - Invocations (August 2022)


Longer term plans - at various stages of progress:

Mordor (SWI) - Odes - re-issue CD/LP (tba)

Wreck Of The Hesperus - 4 CD box set (tba)

MurkRat (AUS) - Drudging The Mire - 2LP (tba)

Endvra (UK) - Liber Leviathan - gatefold LP (tba)

just in.....
Last updated: 27 June 2022

latest arrivals.....

Lifeblood (JAP) - Melancholic Euphoria - digi CD (Doom, depressive black/doom metal)

Funeral Moth (JAP) - Transience - digi CD (Doom, Japanese extreme doom)

Funeralium (FRA) - Decrepit - digisleeve CD (Doom, new album - one of the finest extreme doom acts)

Ataraxie (FRA) - Slow Transcending Agony digi CD / L Etre et La Nausee CD (re-stock of these essential death doom albums)

Profetus (FIN) - The Sadness of Time Passing - digi CD (Doom, extreme Finnish doom - back in stock) - plus copies of "As All Seasons Die" , "To Open Passages In Dusk" + "Coronation of the Black Sun" CDs

Sinister Downfall (GER) - A Dark Shining Light - digi CD (Doom, Funeral doom metal - back in stock)

Satanic Corpse (USA) - Belial - digisleeve CD (Black, raw black metal - spiritual nexus ominous entity)

Ord & Murderous Vision (RUS) - The Astral Pathways of the Inflamed Mind - digisleeve CD (Ambient/Noise, Dark ambient, industrial, tribal. Highly recommended split release.)

Dies Natalis Invicti Solis (V/A) - Compilation - digisleeve CD (Ambient/Noise, Live Bait Recording compilation - featuring some of the best artists in the dark ambient, drone, death industrial, esoteric genres, including Brighter Death Now, Ord, Contrastate, Gnawed, Murderous Vision, Theologian, Deutsch Nepal, Konstruktivists, Dream Into Dust etc.....)

Ord Err (RUS) - Sleeping & Awakening - CD (Ambient/Noise, Drone, dark ambient, noise. The incessant background industrial noise envelops, muffles, plunges into morpheus, dissolving into a viscous dream. And only the awakened impulse will make you revive and live. But this will also be the beginning of the end. Comes in A4 printed envelope which contains cd and two oversize artwork cards)

Ord (RUS) - Withered Bones - digi CD (Ambient/Noise, Dark ambient, experimental drone, tribal)

Epitaphe (FRA) - II - Tape (beautiful tape edition of this wonderful album. Released on the awesome US label - Gurgling Gore!! Check it out!)

Ungodly Rest (MEX) - Delusions of an Indoctrinated Void - CD (Mexican Death Doom - comes in slipcase with poster and sticker)

Even Vast (ITA) - Teach Me How To Bleed - CD (Doom)

Forgotten Sunrise (EST) - Willand - CD (Doom, doom industrial darkwave)

Colloquio (ITA) - io e l'altro - CD (Other, experimental darkwave)

Dperd (ITA) - Regalero il mio tempo - CD (Other, alternative dark rock, darkwave)

Shivan (POR) - When Wishes Sicken - CD (Black, Gothic/black metal from Portugal)

Black Capricorn (ITA) - Omega - 2CD (Doom, Psychedelic doom metal)

Dperd (ITA) - Io Sono Un Errore - A5 digi CD (Other, dark rock/darkwave. Unplayed and direct from the label - but internal trays have scuff marks)

Dperd (ITA) - Kore - CD (Other, dark rock, darkwave)

Helfir (ITA) - Still Bleeding - digi CD (Doom, Dark rock, gothic metal decadent noir)

En Declin (ITA) - A Possible Human Drift Scenario - digi CD (Other, Dark gothic melodic, progressive metal)

En Declin (ITA) - domino / consequences - CD (Other, Dark gothic melodic, progressive metal)

En Declin (ITA) - Trama - CD (Other, Dark gothic melodic, progressive metal)

The Void (ITA) - Vision of the Truth - CD (Doom, Dark gothic doom - in the vein of Moonspell, Tiamat etc)

Nude (ITA) - Plastic Planet - CD (Doom, Goth rock/metal, indie new-wave)

Radiance (ITA) - Undying Diabolyca - CD (Death, Melodic death metal)

Ecnephias (ITA) - Seven: The Pact of Debauchery - CD (Death, death/dark metal)

Dperd (ITA) - Allein - CD (Other, electro dark rock, darkwave)

Infernal Angels (ITA) - Devourer Of God From The Void - CD (Black, intransigent black metal)

The Magik Way (ITA) - Il Rinato - CD (Doom, Ritualistic occult music - black metal/dark ambient)

Helfir (ITA) - The Journey - CD (Other, Dark rock, gothic metal decadent noir)

3 dreAms neVer Dreamt (ITA) - Another Vivid Detail - CD (Other, Surrealistic avantgarde progressive metal)

Lord Agheros (ITA) - Koine - digi CD (Black, ambient black metal)

Dperd (ITA) - monsters - digi CD (Doom, dark rock, darkwave)

L'Alba Di Morrigan (ITA) - I'm Gold, I'm God - digi CD (Doom, post-metal, doom, dark metal)

Obsolete Theory (ITA) - Dawnfall - digi CD (Death, Blackened Death metal)

XCIII (FRA) - VOID - digi CD (Other, Atmospheric avantgarde rock)

Lucifer For President (ITA) - Asylum - CD (Other, Raw metal horror punk, death rock)

Kolossus (FIN) - K - CD (Black)

Goad (ITA) - La Belle Dame - CD (Other, Progressive rock)

In Tormentata Quiete (ITA) - Krononota - CD (Black, Avantgarde black metal, post rock)

Hellige (ARG) - Camino De Agua - digi CD (Doom, Black/Doom)

Rejoice in Moribund (NL) - Equality Through Obliteration - Tape (Doom, Apocalyptic Funeral Doom)

Hermann Kopp (GER) - Nekronology - digi CD (Ambient/Noise, Music from Jorg Buttgereit's "Nekromantik", "Nekromantik 2" and "Der Todesking", as composed by Hermann Kopp)

Omenfilth (PHI) - Possessed By The Pentacle Spell - CD (Black, black metal in the vein of the early Greek scene)

Nekkrofukk (POL) - Mysterious Rituals In The Abyss Of Sabbath & Eternal Celebration of The Blakk Goat - CD (Black, Raw, atmospheric doom black metal)

Sepulchral Cult (POL) - Immurement, Spirits and Graveyard Chants - CD (Death, Death worshiping raw grave metal)

Fadheit (POL) - Inhaling The Trauma - CD (Black, Depressive black metal for anxiety and suicide)

Sacrofuck (POL) - Ekstaza Upodlenia - CD (Death, Putrid metal of death)

Hexifixion (CAN) - Hexifixion - CD (Black, debut album from Canadian black/death act)

Old Skull (POL) - The Cult - CD (Death)

Concilium (POR) - The Oblivion of Time In The Dim Light - CD (Black, raw black metal)

Sinistrous Diabolus (NZ) - Total Doom / Desecration - CD (Doom, anti-christian CD version - cult doom death act from New Zealand)

Graveland (POL) - In The Glare of Burning Churches - CD (Black, Comes in jewel case and slipcase Features the demo '93, 7" and promo '93 - plus unreleased rehearsal from the same period)

Graveland (POL) - The Celtic Winter - CD (Black, Comes in jewel case with slipcase. Features two versions of the "Celtic Winter" release from 1993)

Deathcvlt (ITA) - Deathcvlt - LP (Death)

Demande a' la Poussiere (FRA) - Quietude Hostile - LP (Black, mixing hardcore, black metal, post-metal and sludge)

Crest of Darkness (NOR) - The God of Flesh - LP (Black)

Nuummite (CZE) - Celestial Triarchy - LP (Doom, Instrumental band playing a mixture of black metal, indie and post rock)

Nortt (DEN) - Graven - CD (Doom, Pure depressive black funeral doom metal)

Hidden (USA) - Dead Land Energy - CD (Doom, Irregular ambient black doom sound molecules creating supermassive sludgy atmospheres)

Skepticism (FIN) - Aes - CD (Doom, Cult funeral doom - essential EP)

Xasthur (USA) - The Funeral of Being - CD (Black, Second album of US black metal noise)

Svartpest (NOR) - Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvete - CD (Black, Raw old school Norge black metal)

Gravewurm (USA) - Funeral Rites - CD (Black, Black thrash from US underground veterans)

Bethlehem (GER) - A Sacrificial Offering To the Kingdom of Heaven In a Cracked Dog's Ear - CD (Doom, Re-recording of the classic SUIZID album, with Kvarforth on vocals)

Blodfest (DEN) - Lejres Fald - CD (Black)

Blaze of Perdition (POL) - Towards the Blaze of Perdition - CD (Black)

When The Moon Is IN Her Second Quarter (RUS) - Like Dead Leaves - A5 digisleeve CD (Ambient/Noise, ritual ambient/death industrial - featuring guest appearance of Ord Err (ORD))

Norma Reaktsii (RUS) - Pulse of Telluric Energy - A5 digisleeve CD (Other, famous Russian industrial project - album dedicated to the them of Telluric Energy of the Earth)

Ordahl (RUS) - The Mourners - digisleeve CD (Ambient/Noise, The material of the album is inspired by the rituals of death and consists of 6 tracks saturated with the atmosphere of black metal, woven from noises, otherworldly sounds, howls and screams)

Kromeshna (RUS) - Chthonic Heritage - digisleeve CD (Doom, Dark ambient, noise, drone. The album appeals to the very essence of the chthonic heart of the age-old Ural forests, and the forgotten cults of our ancestors. All the material was played on cassette loops using a small set of pedals and a dynamic effects processor.)

Begrabnis (JAP) - Izanaena - digisleeve CD (Doom, Funeral doom metal)

Fornace (ITA) - Deep Melancholic Wrath - CD (Black, Black/death metal)

Aetherius Obscuritas (HUN) - Martir - CD (Black)

Dimentianon (USA) - Dreaming Yuggoth - CD (Death, Long standing US act - black/death/doom)

Grey Skies Fallen (USA) - Cold Dead Lands - CD (Doom, Melodic death/doom)

Orbstruct (UKR) - Phobos Rising - CD (Death)

Orbstruct (UKR) - Deimos Falling - CD (Death)

Cave Dweller - new album
Last updated: 14 June 2022

Really pleased to announce that a new album is currently at press from the excellent CAVE DWELLER

More news to follow - but expect a release in early August.

Anyone who found an interest in the previous works by Cave Dweller and/or Pando should be sure to check this album out.....

Last updated: 14 June 2022

Currently at press is an album from UK based act - HIVEMIND "The Edict of the Elohim"

Imagine if Orbital and Skinny Puppy were to join forces, but teamed up with English punk poet John Cooper Clarke - then after debating the merits of HG Wells "War of the Worlds" set about re-working it into something extra special

Dark electro ambient with apocalyptical spoken word vocal - featuring Gordon Bicknell (Lysergene/ ex-Esoteric) and Stuart Harris (Section 37)

Prophetical vision expounding the coming demise of the mankind filth

Funeral Chasm - Omniversal 2LP update
Last updated: 14 June 2022

Release date for the Funeral Chasm 2LP is the end of July 2022 - I am expecting to receive the vinyls in the last week of July.

With current vinyl productions schedules this could still change but I'm hoping the long wait for this vinyl is close to being over.

My apologies to anyone who has been waiting months on this release. I won't be taking pre-orders on vinyl in future.

Thanks for your patience.....

Swords of Dis
Last updated: 12 May 2022

Recently in stock is the self-released CD - "Tides of Malediction" - the debut album from UK act SWORDS OF DIS. 

Swords of Dis are creating some excellent dark dissonant doom-filled metal - with their own unique style emerging over recent recording sessions.

Highly recommended is the "Cor Mundum Crea In Me, Sanctum ignis" EP from 2021, which really highlights the development and promise of this band.

Download codes for both the EP and album are below - which can be redeemed at their bandcamp site:



Swords of Dis - download codes
Last updated: 12 May 2022


Cor Mundum Crea In Me, Sanctum Ignis

EP 2021

Tides of Malediction:

CD 2013

code   code
27b7-g92j   23b9-7pys
d5xx-39xk 7uhn-yamn
p8qp-hzj8 vlex-7nye
k62p-vh4l 7p6h-vjnu
uylg-geee m7ns-gypq
xtpy-3ur3   fmdp-3u7t
qz9n-hvx4 mrqg-wqq7
f3tx-j8aa   gvrn-c8g5
wxzj-krub 3bml-x2nf
brut-3j8p   5arj-jdvm
dxwy-h6bn r9m7-yctg
pejy-vy4j   a3ba-bh3u
rrbn-63jy   jxva-y57r
x9u7-ept9 64gg-ufpl
jywv-3r3z   usun-eq7e
62p8-hll6   ljwm-utpu
zl92-5a5y   qgh6-jnup
zetw-7bbr f2cu-yemn
y6ne-vx4l 5xpd-77ye
3zd9-g5ee be9s-vvnu
wtqk-bfr3 5r2c-y8pq
pk8u-xqx4 rmlq-bf7t
r3kd-jtaa   abp9-wmq7
ddyp-k2ub 66mv-eljw
jgee-xkq8 unr6-uets
9u7f-ey62 xav2-e73l
zl5x-br9h   46ga-u5lj
np6j-x46v 43ub-ju5y
w6nr-eat9 qd5m-gp7r
ezda-323z g469-unpl
tx83-5e5y 3c3u-em7e
tezl-73br   djxv-ugpu
t82j-j44l   p948-j7up
jqqk-v8hj   r3s2-y5mn
7bb2-62qy 76mb-gwyg
mxxd-klkr vnrm-b42u
nr7b-y63j   6amf-xmsq
wvwl-bklk n78v-etct
egjj-h9q8   m5n7-ub4b
g2b7-5862 985a-ehjw
txad-b29h 3n78-u5ts
2e9p-xl6v w553-eu3l
d82b-eet9 s66m-7plj
xwtq-63nb sn3f-vf5y
qjz9-yxvx   pdvv-ga7r
ff2k-3qgp   7vwj-37ft
ldxt-hzrn   vfp8-cjj7
ejet-vthj   6af2-wy85
bb73-6bqy n7aw-h3uf
5dww-khkr m5fq-jsmm
2bbf-yk3j   f8af-ysyg
kx6u-5pay 5nfv-bl2u
kqzd-72rr   g5a7-xjsq
kg2p-vlhl   276a-egct
nklg-gepe am3r-u34b
lzpy-37b3   88v5-exjw
qt9n-hvl4   j6c9-jfnp
butl-vy5a   73hn-ypvn
wwzj-krnb vdex-7nte
epy8-g4vx fq6h-vmuu
rfut-3mgp mbns-ggeq
dwwy-h6rn fadp-3uft
kxvw-3b6h 5fqg-cvj7
uqgq-hx9v g5rn-c885
x8uf-55y9 27ml-xruf
qkwv-3r2z amrj-jdmm
9np8-h4x6 r8m7-ydyg
zd92-5aay hu3r-j7ay
yjtw-7brr   jwva-y5fr
ygne-vhhl 6sgg-7uel
3td9-g5pe n4un-eqfe
py8u-xql4 lewm-u8eu
6jjp-6qyl   e6h6-jnnp
ufbr-yz2j   bncu-yavn
q6ee-x6j8 5wpd-77te
937f-ey92 rj9s-vjuu
zd5l-336h   af2c-gyeq
etda-322z ralq-bfft
8nqg-hlx6 vv2f-urhb
tw83-5eay 6gmv-elqw
77nz-bv8p u2r6-uays
xldz-xkbn lmv2-e72l
jpqk-v84j   4gga-uexj
f7b2-6rjy   cuub-juay
mwxd-klzr el5m-gpfr
9pee-6myl gs69-ufel
3f7b-y62j   2h3u-emfe
w5wl-b6xk dexv-uteu
p6jq-xkj8   p848-j7np
8nb7-5892 vvrp-vcvm







email issue
Last updated: 27 April 2022

I'm now able to receive emails and communicate again.

If you have sent me an email since 21st March, and I haven't responded yet, then please re-send.


Epitaphe reviews.....
Last updated: 15 April 2022

Here are just some of the words written in response thus far to the new EPITAPHE album 

Some of these reviewers really know their music...

"If you are going to be making progressive death metal from 2022 onwards, this is one of the monoliths you will be compared with for a long time." - Toilet ov Hell

"A highest possible recommendation is warranted, this is without question one of the most essential extreme metal records of 2022." - Grizzly Butts


Toilet Ov Hell -

All Around Metal -

Grizzly Butts -

Wonderbox Metal - -


Les éternels -

French Metal -

Mianydoire -

Moshville Times -

Apocalyptic Rites -

Mutante Zine -

Epitaphe - II - now out
Last updated: 15 April 2022

the wonderful new album - "II" - from French progressive death metallers EPITAPHE is now released

All pre-orders are shipped - expect your copy soon. Digibook cd version is now sold out.

Anyone not familiar with this band then I urge you to check them out - one of the most inspired death metal acts of recent years

Epitaphe - premiere track on NCS
Last updated: 14 March 2022

check out the first preview track for the new EPITAPHE album - entitled "Melancholia"

Thanks for No Clean Singing for the review.

Suffer Yourself - Scandinavian tour
Last updated: 17 February 2022

SUFFER YOURSELF prepare to gig across the barren Nordic lands - 10 gigs starting 28th March 2022 - in Sweden, Finland and Norway

Get yourself to one of the gigs if you can.....

Epitaphe - II - teaser
Last updated: 10 February 2022

Check out the clip for the upcoming Epitaphe album.....

Pre-orders now available - via Aesthetic Death (UK) + Epitaphe (FRA)

Tape edition available on Gurgling Gore (USA)

Release date - 11th April 2022

Vaina - track premiere at Grizzly Butts
Last updated: 10 February 2022

Track from the excellent forthcoming VAINA album - Futue Te Ipsum - given an exclusive preview today at US webzine GRIZZLY BUTTS.

Check it out here....

Pre order available for CD directly from Aesthetic Death and the Vaina bandcamp - released 4th march 2022


Epitaphe - II
Last updated: 27 January 2022

I am very pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the new EPITAPHE album - "II"

This is a wonderful follow up to their debut. EPITAPHE take us to new realms of their death metal sound.

Released on 11th April 2022 via:

CD digipack / Limited digibook - Aesthetic Death (UK)

Tape - Gurgling Gore (USA)

Vinyl - tba

Barus - Fanges EP - now shipping
Last updated: 27 January 2022

After some unexpected delays with the production of the BARUS EP, I am glad to have the CDs here and shipping.

The digipack has turned out nicely, with the artwork and layout looking particularly striking.

A wonderful EP that displays the progressive and improvised side of the BARUS death metal sound

Look out for the next BARUS full length, for which they will soon start to prepare....

The Slumbering cd - out now....
Last updated: 27 January 2022

Released this week was the excellent debut album from THE SLUMBERING - "Looking for Sorrow Within One's Fear"

As the band themselves describe.....Imagine if you will  Old School Power Electronics projects like  MZ412 or Brighter Death Now, falling in love with 90's Peaceville or  Avantgarde Music Doom bands and Just a touch of  Death thrown in for good measure. The Slumbering love to cross the lines of Noise, Melody, Sorrow and Hope all at the same time.

The album is an almagamation of styles - which at first sounds difficult. But, as you immerse yourself into the music it has an ethereal and calming effect.

By the end, the album entices the listener to feel completely at one with the sounds entering your psyche - and when the album ends it is a jolt back into an even uglier reality.

Look out for the 2nd The Slumbering album coming out very soon on Trepanation Recordings....

Barus - Fanges EP
Last updated: 13 January 2022

there has been a slight delay in the production of the BARUS "Fanges" digi CD

Apologies to anyone that is kept waiting for this release. I will make an update here as soon as I have a delivery date - shouldn't be long.

Megalith Levitation interview
Last updated: 12 January 2022

Russian bleak lysergic doom trio MEGALITH LEVITATION were recently interviewed for the excellent webzine No Clean Singing.

Check it out here.....

Barus - arriving soon
Last updated: 2 January 2022

We've come to expect delays on all releases these days. In addition the holiday season doesn't help either.

Barus CD is slightly delayed but hope to have the CDs here any day now.

In the meantime, something to give you an idea.....

Vaina - at press
Last updated: 2 January 2022

the "Futue Te Ipsum" album from VAINA is currently at press - and due for release in February.

This is a great album that I've listened to a lot in recent times - it's a black metal heart, but which strays into genres of ambient and ebm weirdness.

Never constrained by the standard parameters and unoriginality of much of black metal today  - VAINA have the vision to explore with their creativity

Highly recommended!!!

Barus - Fanges EP preview....
Last updated: 28 December 2021

Thanks to Invisible Oranges for the premiere of the new EP from BARUS on their site today.

Check it out here.....

Digi CD version to be released this friday - get it here, or direct from the band.

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - review
Last updated: 17 December 2021

check out a great review for the "Ost" LP from UNCLE GRASHA'S FLYING CIRCUS

Reviewed in the respected "Noise Receptor" zine.  

Haiku Funeral - Drown Their Moons In Blood - digi CD
Last updated: 4 December 2021

the Haiku Funeral "Drown Their Moons In Blood" digi CDs have finally arrived - following some production delays, followed by customs delays.

It's worth the wait - CDs look great, a fitting climax to what is possibly the finest album from Haiku Funeral to date.

All pre-orders are being prepared and leave in the coming days.....Enjoy!!!





Esoteric - demo on vinyl
Last updated: 11 November 2021

ESOTERIC - Esoteric Emotions: The Death of Ignorance 2LP

This gatefold 2LP is finally at press - looking forward to getting it released.

However, with vinyl manufacturing times currently so long then I don't anticipate a release until summer 2022.

This will be a limited pressing. More news in a few months......

Barus - working with AD
Last updated: 9 November 2021

Over the past few months I have seen the evolution of a new recording from excellent French progressive death metal act - Barus

Two long tracks constructed from the labours of an improvised and creative period. I'm glad to be working on putting out this new EP - Fanges - on digi CD at the end of 2021/early Jan 2022 - with the tape version coming out on Breathe Plastic

Fanges sees Barús exploring new musical and lyrical territories, with complex and progressive structures, while simultaneously reaffirming the band’s commitment to creating a unique strand of oppressive death metal.

More news to follow.....

Goatpsalm / Horthodox - Ash
Last updated: 6 November 2021

I'm really pleased to have received copies of the GOATPSALM / HORTHODOX album "Ash" from the pressing plant - slightly later than planned, but well worth the wait. 

A truly exceptional release of thought and endeavour - a collaborative vision that exudes a real affinity to the subject (see informtation posted below)

All orders leaving imminently.....

Megalith Levitation - Void Psalms
Last updated: 6 November 2021

Following delays with production, I'm pleased to now have the new MEGALITH LEVITATION  cd in my hands.

A monolithic lysergic doom ritual - heavy and bleak. Check this review out for an idea of what to expect:

All pre-orders are ready to leave.

Suffer Yourself - Rip Tide - LP
Last updated: 27 October 2021

We are able to finally announce that the SUFFER YOURSELF "Rip Tide" vinyl is now available - released 29th October 2021

Coming on beautiful coloured vinyl - with printed inner sheet, download code and stickers

Check out this wonderful doom death act - and look out for forthcoming material

Haiku Funeral - Youtube track available
Last updated: 13 October 2021

check out the first preview track - "Cherny Shamani" - from the upcoming HAIKU FUNERAL album.....

Haiku Funeral - Drown Their Moons In Blood
Last updated: 9 October 2021

At press now, planned release date is October 31st. Wonderful new album.....

Goatpsalm / Horthodox - Ash
Last updated: 9 October 2021

Slight delay to the planned release date - expecting the CDs here any day now.....


Megalith Levitation - Void Psalms
Last updated: 9 October 2021

Slight delay to the planned release date - expecting the CDs here any day now.....


Last updated: 11 September 2021

in the coming weeks I will be working with Finnish black metal band - VAINA

Elements are coming together on their latest album - Futue Te Ipsum

Black metal guided by intuition, music which is simulateously pioneering, nihilistic, dualistic, variant, spiritual, uncompromising, controversial....

More news to follow.....

Goatpsalm / Horthodox - Ash
Last updated: 9 September 2021

Check out the video-track to "House With No Windows" from the forthcoming - Goatpsalm / Horthodox album......

Goatpsalm / Horthodox - Ash
Last updated: 9 September 2021




We have fled from the shroud of deception that you have draped across the ruins of our traditions, your subtle twisting of the holy words and gestures that have sustained us through an eternity of winters. Here, beneath the trees, on hard ground cleared of snow we shall find our burning gateway to redemption. We Old Believers see the devil in your details, how Satan crawls serpent-like in the shadows of your obfuscation. I see the end of all things in your distorted presentation of the cross and so I take myself, my children and my love, into the flames. As we burn I sense that heaven is near, just beyond the pain, and in the screams of my little ones I hear the voices of angels. I make the sign of the cross – two fingers raised, not three – and drink deeply of the smoke; inhaling our immolation and salvation.

Goatpsalm and Horthodox are brothers in spirit, both explorers of the darkness. Goatpsalm wander through the lost and forgotten dreams of fallen civilisations, the obscure knowledge of past days and broken gods, while Horthodox pierce the shadows cast by the many arcane rituals and impenetrable words of Christian orthodoxy. In one moment of history their paths met, joined and entwined...and Ash was born. The Raskolor, or schism, of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th Century, when the Zealots Of Piety clashed with the Old Believers and families fled their homes and even walked into fire as they saw the end of the world approaching. This sundering of a nation was brought about by such small twists in doctrine as how many ‘hallelujahs’ it was proper to pronounce in honour of their god. Together, Goatpsalm and Horthodox have invoked the spirit of that age, the weight of centuries of faith, the mysteries bound within the practices of religion and the binding power of words and inherited belief. Both time and place are captured in the meditative, hypnotic echoes of ‘Here Is Our Salvation’ unsettling presence nestles in the wailing pipes of ‘God Remained Still’. This is a haunted album that summons the ghosts of past generations to gather around the firelight and hear its tale. Such compelling power resounds in the captivating tones of ‘A House With No Windows’ and the souls of those who embraced the flames for their god drift on the cold winds of ‘Night Over Onega’. Wonderful implements like the Rozhuk, an ancient, wooden Russian trumpet and the Gusli, one of the oldest of all stringed instruments, help to bring transporting atmosphere to an album like no other. Incredibly affecting and utterly remarkable, Ash is something beyond our everyday experience – a gift for which we should be immensely grateful.


Despite the splendour of both Goatpsalm and Horthodox’s individual back catalogues, this marriage between the two occult forces has created something even greater than the sum of its parts. When Ash is released on six panel digipack by Aesthetic Death on 01 October and cassette by Death Scream Recordings it will consume you; draw your soul inexorably into its world of forest, firelight and shadow. Step back in time with Goatpsalm and Horthodox, peer beneath a veil of secrets and taste the darkness of utter and absolute devotion.


Genre: Dark Folk / Atmospheric Doom Metal

For fans of: Wardruna | Grift | Empyrium | Dordeduh



Horth – Synths / Sampling
Sadist – Acoustic Guitars / Bass
Sever – Bowed Strings
Nubiferous – Gusli / Rozhok / Flute
Vaarwel – Guitars (Rhythm / Lead)


Epitaphe - new album
Last updated: 2 September 2021

the new album from French doomed death metallers - EPITAPHE - is near completion.

Following the highly respected debut "I", EPITAPHE have been meticulously constructing tracks that further entrench their status amongst the global death doom elite

the new album - "II" - is planned for the early months of 2022

More news to follow soon 

Haiku Funeral - Drown Their Moons In Blood - digi CD
Last updated: 2 September 2021

the new album from the ever wonderful, and consistently twisted, HAIKU FUNERAL is under production

Entitled "Drown Their Moons In Blood" - due for release on October 31st 2021

The Slumbering
Last updated: 24 August 2021

Following a long term collaboration and respect for the work of Clint Listing -  the countless excellent projects he has been involved with over the years and his dedication to dark music and underground culture - I am pleased to be working with him again on his latest project - THE SLUMBERING

Aesthetic Death will be releasing the debut album "Looking For Sorrow Within One's Fears" - which is a wonderful mesh of melody, rhythm and noise. Often sounding to me like a noisier/obscured version of "Iso-erotic callibrations" era T.A.G.C - an album which I first heard over 25 years ago and is still fresh and relevant today.

Planned release date is later in 2021

Into 2022 The Slumbering will be releasing their 2nd album on excellent UK label Trepanation Recordings - an album which takes the sounds of The Slumbering to even greater places and depths. Wonderful.

Goatpsalm / Horthodox - Ash
Last updated: 24 August 2021

the new album from Goatpsalm / Horthodox - "Ash" - is due for release on 1st October.

A wonderfully evocative album - can't praise this album enough and the evolution of these musicians

more info to follow soon.....

Megalith Levitation - new album
Last updated: 24 August 2021

the new album from Russian lysergic doom act - MEGALITH LEVITATION - is now at press

Four new psalms that are witness to a doomed apocalyptic vision

more news to follow - release date - 1st October 2021

Demo/Promo submission
Last updated: 13 August 2021

Existing as a label, focusing solely on physical media, certainly isn't easy these days....and the whole concept of running an underground label, with those core principles and values, is slowly ebbing away.
Suffice to say there is a deep paradox.....even within extreme and underground music/culture.

Aesthetic Death is far from being a "business" or a "job" - therefore, everything takes time, whether it's putting out releases, or simply responding to emails!!
So, to give people a heads up about sending me demo/promo material for potential release - please read on.....

- I'm always looking for interesting bands - and have always had a focus on supporting new/obscure underground acts.
- I already have a heavy release schedule, which will take me well into 2022.

Having said that, if you think your music is suited to Aesthetic Death,  then I’ll be more than happy to give it a proper listen and some consideration.

To save time, then this is how I accept submissions:
- I do not listen to anything online or via download. For me to listen to your music seriously then please send me a cdr. 
- Don't ask me to listen in any other fashion - as I can't.

Keep supporting physical media and underground culture.

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - vinyl out now
Last updated: 23 July 2021

"Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus" take us on drone ambient story through the lens of  World War and philosophy with an Eastern perspective

"Ost" is a captivating piece of work - a narrative and dialogue that paints an intriguing picture 

Released on vinyl only - part of a multi-label collaboration

Funeral Chasm -
Last updated: 17 July 2021

the utterly wonderful debut album - "Omniversal Existence" -  from Danish extreme doom act FUNERAL CHASM - has now been released

"Omniversal Existence" is a stunning piece of work - hard to put into words - it is not only one of the finest albums I have had the opportunity to release, but have ever enjoyed. It is an innovative doom album of introspective aura, of dark psychedlia, of soaring emotion - an album that needs to be listened to as a whole..... 

Essential listening.

the digi CD version comes in a beautiful digipack.

LP version hopefully available by the end of 2021

Keep supporting physical media and underground culture!!!!!

Suffer Yourself - Rip Tide - digi CD
Last updated: 17 July 2021

the new SUFFER YOURSELF album "Rip TIde" has finally been released 

A stunning piece of death doom - whole album built over a drone score created by Ukrainian artist Ugasanie

An oppressive and claustrophobic piece of work - "Spit In The Chasm" is such a finely crafted track,which demonstrates SUFFER YOURSELF are leading the way at the forefront of this genre.

digi CD available now - on this website or directly from the band - LP version should be released in September 2021

Keep supporting physical media and underground culture!!

Kadaver / Listing - out shortly
Last updated: 6 June 2021

the Kadaver / Listing cd will be out in the next days.

Ugly harsh noise with avantgarde nightmares

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