GOATPSALM, the jackyl-hyde quintessence where malign currents of Black Ambient undermine and swap desolate landscapes of Death Industrial, became aware of its potent powers in February 2009 by infesting the minds of Morkh (Sickrites, ex. Izakaron, Morbid Lust), Horth (Sickrites, ex. Karna), Sadist (Lashblood, Misanthropic Art, ex. Baal Zebuth, ChristInvertion, Cyber Baphomet, Deathmoor).
As year-worm crawled to the end of its droning cycle, the first rite "Sonic Desterilization of Light" was performed to wreak swarms of pestilential locust upon this world.
Reality starts flickering in and out as the sonic vibe in the black vein of Archon Satani and Abruptum weighs heavy on the room...
Soon reality is no more. Throbbing waves of sound destroy the listeners very soul. Before you know it, you are trapped in the Nether-Corridors that have no end. Neither do you - an eternal suffering is all yours now. Along with those stolen children you once had heard of but chose to forget.
Downward you step...
Down, to the Temple of Three-Faced Goat.


  • Sonic Desterilization Of Light - CD - Assavlt Recs - 2011
  • Erset La Tari - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2012
  • Downstream - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2016
  • Ash (w/ Horthodox) - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2021
  • Ash (w/ Horthodox) - Tape - Death Scream Recordings - 2021