Haiku Funeral

Deep, dark, seductively evil...and infectiously, wickedly groovy, HAIKU FUNERAL generate an atmosphere of black, bleak, ironic paradox. Cold industrial ambience meets darkwave experimentation, liberally seasoned with death/doom and driven by the twin engines of pulsing, trippy, virtuoso bass and hoarse, snarling, savagely crazed voice.
Building on the foundations of sonic terror laid down in "Assassination In The Hashish Cathedral", "Nightmare Painting" retains the same horrifying imagery of death, madness and godless depravity while developing the musical themes to new levels of maturity...and subversiveness.
A diverse act, that are difficult to categorise easily or to describe - a jazz-funk/death metal hybrid with ambient experimentation
Such tender murder, indeed.


  • Assassination In The Hashish Cathedral - CD - Hikikomiri Records - 2009
  • If God Is A Drug - CD - Hikikomori Records - 2010
  • Hell - 3" CD - Witte Dood Records - 2010
  • Nightmare Painting - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2013
  • Hallucinations - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2016
  • Hallucinations - Addict box set - Aesthetic Death - 2016
  • Decadent Luminosity - digi 2CD - Aesthetic Death - 2018