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Deep, dark, seductively evil...and infectiously, wickedly groovy, HAIKU FUNERAL generates an atmosphere of black, bleak, ironic paradox. Cold industrial ambience meets darkwave experimentation and virtuoso bass. Serpentine fretless bass drowning in dreamy analogue pads and textures poisoned by cyber-shamanic industrial percussion.

Building on the foundations of sonic terror laid down in their first five releases.... 'Drown Their Moons In Blood' retains the same horrifying imagery of death, madness and godless depravity whilst developing the musical themes to new levels of maturity...and subversiveness. Imagining a spatiotemporal accompaniment for “Drown Their Moons In Blood” think of a reality where Shiva roams fire-drenched post-apocalyptic landscapes on a cataclysmic acid trip… a journey through black holes of Luciferian consciousness expansion.

A diverse act, that are difficult to categorize easily or to describe - a black ambient industrial hybrid with lots of experimentations. Let Haiku Funeral hold your hand through the bad acid trip!

Haiku Funeral


  • Assassination In The Hashish Cathedral - CD - Hikikomiri Records - 2009
  • If God Is A Drug - CD - Hikikomori Records - 2010
  • Hell - 3" CD - Witte Dood Records - 2010
  • Nightmare Painting - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2013
  • Hallucinations - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2016
  • Hallucinations - Addict box set - Aesthetic Death - 2016
  • Decadent Luminosity - digi 2CD - Aesthetic Death - 2018
  • Drown Their Moons In Blood - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2021
  • Serpentine Sorcery ( collab w/ Horthodox) - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2024

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Haiku Funeral
Nightmare Painting
Haiku Funeral
Decadent Luminosity
digi 2CD
Haiku Funeral
digi CD
Haiku Funeral
Hallucinations - addict version
CD box set
Haiku Funeral
Drown Their Moons In Blood
digi CD
Horthodox & Haiku Funeral
Serpentine Sorcery
digi CD
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