Ortega is a four-piece sludge/doom collective from the North of The Netherlands. Four men telling a tale of the sea, musically depicted in a broad and visual manner. Ortega's sound is best described as dark metal balanced with spheric soundscapes, brought together with slow and heavy riffs.

Formed in 2007, the band undertook a series of gigs, before recording their first album in 2009, it was eventually self-released in January 2010. The album "1634" was recorded and mixed by JB van der Wal (Dr. Doom, Herder, Aborted), who is also known for his work with Dr. Doom, Greyline, Grinding Halt and Suffering Quota.

"1634" was released as a concept-album and received many great reviews. It was distributed online and sold at concerts, packaged in a handmade cover CD - limited to 100 copies - which soon sold out. In 2011 they released the album on cassette - and it is now being re-issued on cd digipack with Aesthetic Death.

The band went back into the studio in 2011, again with JB van der Wal, to record their follow-up EP A Flame Never Rises On Its Own, which will be released in 2012 on Badger Records.


  • 1634 - CD - self-released - 2010
  • A Flame Never Rises On Its Own - EP - Badger Recs - 2012
  • 1634 - CD re-issue - Aesthetic Death - 2012
  • The Serpent Stirs - tape - Tartarus Recs - 2012
  • The Serpent Stirs - 12" - Narshardaa Recs - 2013
  • Sacred States - LP - Narshardaa Recs - 2016
  • Sacred States - CD - Consouling Sounds - 2017