Epitaphe is a cavernous and psychedelic death metal band from the French Alps.

Influenced by bands such as Dead Congregation, Portal and Esoteric, Epitaphe create music that engulfs, with a powerful focus on overwhelming and opaque atmospheres.
Following the first demo, which received wide acclaim and was subsequently released on cd via Chaos Records), Epitaphe made a deal with Aesthetic Death to release their debut album - I .
I, in its doomed torment, is a distraught journey through blackness, fury and melancholia - using illustrations by the Finnish painter Petri Ala-Maunus.

I was mixed, recorded and mastered by James Leonard of the Plastic Lobster Studios (Maieutiste, Barus). Released at the end of summer 2019.


  • Demo MMXVII - Tape - S/R - 2018
  • Demo MMXVII - CD - Chaos Records - 2018
  • I - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2019
  • I - 2LP - Aesthetic Death/Expansion Abyss - 2020
  • I - tape - Gurgling Gore - 2020