Walk Through Fire

WALK THROUGH FIRE is a band that has walked through many fires. Both collectively as a band and individually as four people, who all burn with the same will to create something from the shit that happens around them in this rotten civilisation.

Since the dawn of WALK THROUGH FIRE in 2008 they've played instrumental, crust punk, black/death metal to doom and sludge. Today WALK THROUGH FIRE sound like a mixture between all of those musical expressions.
Inspired by the music of AMEBIX, ABANDON (swe), HIS HERO IS GONE, TODAY IS THE DAY and many more, WALK THROUGH FIRE have created a very dark and rough sound of their own.

WALK THROUGH FIRE was founded in 2008 by Ufuk on guitar/bass, David (MONACHUS) on drums and Johan (ABANDON) on vocals. Prior to the recording of their first demo "Walk Through Fire" Johan left the band and the demo was finalized without any vocals as the remaining two members thought the music stood well on its own.

The self titled demo gave the band a quick boost in reputation in Sweden after getting good reviews in swedish newspapers and music magazines and when it was time to hit the road two new members joined; Andreas on bass and Oscar (HEMSKT NORINGSLIV) on guitar.

In 2010 the band decided to take a slight change of direction musically and also in the line-up. Oscar and David left and in came Flegar on guitar and Jonny on drums. Also, Ufuk and Andreas began doing vocals and in 2011 they released their critically acclaimed debut album "Furthest From Heaven" through British label AESTHETIC DEATH.

FURTHEST FROM HEAVEN is their debut album and contains 40 minutes of crushing blackened doom sludge metal, with lyrics and artwork that complete the hopelessness and darkness that their music represents.

Soon after the release of "Furthest From Heaven" the band and Jonny went seperate ways and Juliusz (Misteltein, Fall Of Seraphim) took over the drum duties.

Late 2013, after having three out of four tours cancelled the same year, WALK THROUGH FIRE once again entered the studio. This time to record 80 minutes of their slowest and most crushing work as of yet; "Hope Is Misery"...

"Hope Is Misery" will be released in March 2014 through AESTHETIC DEATH and WOLVES AND VIBRANCY RECORDS.

Ufuk - Guitar and vocals
Andreas - Bass
Flegar - Guitar
Juliusz - Drums


  • Walk Through Fire - CD - Self Released - 2008
  • Furthest From Heaven - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2011
  • Hope Is Misery - CD - Aesthetic Death / Wolves & Vibrancy Recs - 2014
  • Hope Is Misery - 2LP - self released - 2015
  • Performing the Music of Arvo Part - digital - S/R - 2017
  • Var Avgrund - 2LP - Wolves & Vibrancy - 2020