Arcane Voidsplitter

With the near-complete emptiness of space as a cloak, the Arcane Voidsplitter floats unseen, silent as if dead. Its powers are locked onto the heart of a nearby galaxy.
A vessel whose creators have long since passed into the far, dim reaches of history, leaving no clues as to its purpose. A weapon? What threat warrants upsetting the balance that keeps a galaxy whole?

A ship in stasis. Is its mission completed or yet to be executed? Has the machinery ever been utilised? In this expanding universe, light still brings us imagery of a past where its target is whole.

What does the whole of reality sound like? Arcane Voidsplitter aims to condense the sounds, motions, drones and whispers of the fictional reality that spawned it into music compatible with human ears. The results are cosmic, slow evolving ambient dronescapes - the hearbeat of a galaxy, a choir of distant stars, the hum of background radiation.


  • To Reach Beyond - digital - S/R - 2017
  • Voice of the Stars - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2019
  • Cosmic Mind - digital - S/R - 2020
  • Cold Stars - digital - S/R - 2022