Vaina was formed by Lassi and Matti in 2014. Lorem ipsum...blablablaa! FUCK THIS!

Let's admit it. Vaina is merely a worthless amoeba, exactly like the True Mayhem or Ed Sheeran are! Who's going to remember any of this shit after a few decades? Same goes with Jesus, Buddha, Odin....and similar fuckers!

All that we know is that we know nothing. It's a cliche, but well... humans thrive on cliches!

Silence is meaningful. Words like these just feel a pathetic attempt to cover over the gaps. The truth is beyond our understanding and this reality.

Time will come when we go over the spectrum.


  • Viisikarki - CD/Tape - Narcoleptica Prod - 2017
  • Purity - digital / S/R - 2019
  • Futue Te Ipsum - angel with many faces - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2021