Dead Beat Project is the brainchild of the french composer, producer and multi-instrumentist Olivier Goyet.
Born in 2005 when still behind the keys within the ultra doom formation Esoteric, DBP is a concept merging genres favoured by Goyet such as neo-classical, post-rock, ambient, ethnic and trip hop vibes.
Further to a long therapy process on his own self, Olivier releases an album called 'Breaking the shell' in 2007 with the support of independant label Aesthetic Death Records (label where Esoteric started back in 1993).
The response is promising and encouraging, pushing Olivier into collaborating with other artists, such as:
- spoken words lyricist Babalon Anon (the result from this collaboration being the unreleased work : Drowning and Nagels).
- film director Ben Stailey who has already used Goyet's music to illustrate some of his video work)
- film director Rossana Jeran aka Blurgirl who has used some tracks from Breaking the Shell for her most recent feature length movie, Triptych.
Olivier has now allied forces with french dancer, fire manipulator, performer and choregrapher Gwam.
They have since created the Alliance for Art Science and Nature, an art project conceived to bring to the attention of the public the need to respect the environment with the help of artists (of different mediums) and scientists.
They have already worked together on various shows from the stage artist, with Goyet's music illustrating the performances of the dancer.
This resulted with a multi Art medium show called "R'Evolution=Evolution,Reve,Revolution (R'Evolution = Evolution, Dream, Revolution), an allegory of the birth, the death and the possible Resurection of the World, performed live in the centre of Montpellier in August 2009, with live performances, contortion, fire manipulation, stilts and dance duets, body inlays in life size metal sculptures,
The musical soundtrack for this show has just been mastered and should be ready for release sometimes this year [2010].
Also to be noted, that Goyet has also joined forces with shoegaze duet Dark Orange from Hamburg (Germany), which Olivier used to listen to back in the early 90s. An album is due out via the Kalinkaland label in the early Spring 2010.

Concerning the current activities of Dead Beat Project for 2010, Olivier is working on bringing the concept from a studio project solely electronic to a live with the addition of accoustic instruments such as ethnic drums and a dulcimer for example.

Breaking the Shell' reviews - rated 18.5/20 (review in french) - Olivier weaves with "Breaking The Shell" an intimate cerebral canvas made of silk and gold threads, and extracts in a Baudelaire like manner, the Beauty and the moving which is meant to represent Evil. - rated 8/10 - (review in spanish) "Breaking the Shell" is a recommended album for those looking for new musical dimensions of surrounding sounds, danceable beats, touching industrial and dark ambient fanatics, all it to equal parts. A great surprise for our demanding ears.

Pavel (via - From the very first note it engulfs you with its tremendous beauty and puts you swaying on the waves of a vast endless ocean of pure calm and blissful balance. - There's a deep melancholy that courses through the nine tracks on Breaking The Shell, an introspective gloominess that Goyet paints with an array of spacey, prog-rock synthesizers, old-school electronica and trip-hop beats, and other nods to mostly older electronic music.


  • Breaking The Shell - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2007
  • R'Evolution - CD - AD Music - 2010
  • Samsara - CD - AD Music - 2013