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Hailing from the UK's midlands, Misanthropic Existence were forged in the dying days of 2011, carved from the heart of Rigor Mortal's corpse, the band set upon it's craft very quickly to create the most misanthropic, apocalyptic, nihilistic and violent breed of extreme metal it could.
With it's core members Lord Hypocrisy and CymbalRapist, the band saw multiple lineup changes on bass guitar and backing vocals, and as the dust settled from their departures after various EP's, demo's and live rituals, emerged the latest warbrother - Ealdor Bana.
The band has recieved much praise and notoriety for it's craft within the depths of the underground, being referred to as many colourful things - likened to being assaulted and ran over by a tank over and over again but enjoying every last moment! The bands music is ferocious, intense, very pissed off and hateful, with a focus on a raw and unedited live sound, using human imperfections rather deliberately by choice and design.
"DEATH SHALL BE SERVED" is the bands latest and debut full length LP, running over an hour in length it is a challenge of endurance to every listener as it rarely ever dips from full on assault from start to finish. It is currently being pressed onto CD digipack for a planned January 2018 release.

Misanthropic Existence


  • Death Shall Be Served - Digi CD - 2018 - Aesthetic Death

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