Initially started in 2013 as a side project of Jeremy Lewis and John Devos (of progressive black metal act Dalla Nebbia), Mesmur is an international collection of musicians with a shared artistic goal to create immersive and unpredictable death/funeral doom metal. Dense with vivid atmosphere that carries a constant sense of foreboding and unease, through riffs and melodies that straddle the line between harmony and dissonance. Mesmur's music draws inspiration from a diverse set of influences ranging from Esoteric and Ea to King Crimson and Univers Zero.


  • Mesmur - CD - Code 666 Recs - 2014
  • S - CD - Solitude Productions - 2017
  • Terrene - CD - Solitude Productions - 2019
  • Chthonic - digi CD - Aesthetic Death/Solitude Prod. - 2023