The NULLL Collective

Formed of the skeletal ruins of a dying sun, 'The Nulll Collective' is a group of like-minded artists from around the world who are sick of commercialism and artistic conformity in both the world at large and in the microcosmic wasteland of underground extreme music.

Late 2009, EMH (USA, Torture Wheel) and SVC (BE, Until Death Overtakes Me) laid to rest 'The Sad Sun' with its uncompromising raw funeral doom and invited SPW (UK, Uncertainty Principle) to join their ranks. Thus, the Collective became a part of this reality.

'De Monstris', a tale of the continuous decay of the human race, is our first offering. Raw, soul-shattering, hateful and experimental funeral doom/death.


  • De Monstris - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2010