Wreck of the Hesperus

Wreck of the Hesperus was born out of a particularly virulent womb in the depths of the Dublin sewers in January 2004. Three mongoloids with the unlikely names of Count Rodge, R. Mongo and Ghandi Uncunningham assembled under cover of deep slimey shadows and the smell of rotting human waste to create the most unpleasant noise they could muster.
A ghastly demo appeared sometime the same year entitled 'Terminal Dirge'. Then silence. The following year another, slightly more appalling demo surfaced entitled 'Eulogy for the Sewer Dwellers' which can best be described as a eulogy for the sewer dwellers. A couple of low key gigs occurred and the inclusion of a song entitled 'Utter Rot' on the Asymmetry Compilation on Total Rust, then silence. In 2006 the three mould-merchants had the great idea to release a full-length album. They anointed the abortion 'The Sunken Threshold' and cajoled Aesthetic Death into funding it's existence. More silence followed, interspersed with the occasional rumble of life in the form of a handful of clandestine gigs. Over the following few years several obscure and highly limited releases appeared like the glistening of dying stars drowning in fecal matter and tides of odious offal. Bubonic Productions funded a cassette-only release entitled 'The Dilapidated Sky' to little or no fanfare. It sank without a trace. A song entitled 'The Venomous Tentacles' was released as part of an Underground Movement compilation. A split 10" came out with Dublin scum Doom/Grind bastards De Novissimis through Stitchy Press and was almost instantly forgotten. A very limited self-released 3" CDr entitled 'Rotism' barely even registered on the wider Doom consciousness, and that was probably for the best. 'The Sunken Threshold' was reanimated in the form of a grisly vinyl through Streaks Records and unceremoniously vanished to the depths of Doom. An upcoming 10" split with Mourning Beloveth on Sentinel Records promises to melt the heads and ruin several minutes of the lives of anyone foolish enough to investigate it. A new album lurks on the horizon, waiting for it's time to strike... Avoid, avoid, avoid.


  • Terminal Dirge - demo CDr - 2004
  • Eulogy for the sewer dwellers - demo CDr - 2005
  • Sunken Threshold - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2006
  • Dilapidated Sky - Tape - Bubonic Prod - 2008
  • split 10" - w/ De Novissimis - Stichy Press - 2008
  • Rotism - 3" CDr - self released - 2008
  • Sunken Threshold - LP - Streaks Records - 2008
  • split 10" - w/ Mourning Beloveth - Sentinel Records - 2009
  • Dungeon Floor - demo - self released - 2010
  • Light Rotting Out - LP - Streaks Records - 2011
  • Light Rotting Out - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2011
  • Terminal Eulogy - tape - 2012
  • Sediment - Digital - self released - 2016