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origin: Russia

Megalith Levitation materialized from the eternal void and acid vapors of Chelyabinsk, Russia in April 2016 to bare their lysergic psalms unto this world. The servitors of the cult were chosen as:
SAA - Sermons & Fuzzmagic,
KKV - Thunderbass,
PAN - Skullhammers
.....and until now remain unchanged.

During the next year the band performed psychedelic rituals across the Urals, followed in September 2019 with visits to both Russian capitals to perform with Bong, Dekonstruktor, Il and Electricjezus.
Debut full-length album "Acid Doom Rites" was released in September 2019 digitally on [addicted label] and in November that year on digi CD by Hymns of Apocalypse.
2020 witnessed the conjuring of a tectonic split with the mighty Dekonstruktor. Released on digi CD by Aestethic Death. Truly hypnotic and atmospheric sermons from both bands.
Spring 2021 marked a return to concert activity, with gigs in support of Il and Bitch Meat in the Ural region, alongside participation in the festivals - Joy 5 and Shallow Grave 5.
On October 1st, 2021, the second album Void Psalms was released, this time through Aestethic Death (digi CD), Pestis Insaniae (tape) and [addicted label] (digital).
Megalith Levitation had two headline tours through 2022. One in the central part of Russia and another in Siberia, a prolific and creative year with Megalith Levitation working on recording the new album.
"Obscure Fire" will be released on March 31st, 2023. Thistime through:
Aesthetic Death - digi CD
Sounds of Karachun - tape
[addicted label] - digital

Look out for another dose of monolithic lysergic transcendent doom - the best Megalith levitation material to date.

Megalith Levitation


  • Acid Doom Rites - digi CD - Hymns of Apocalypse - 2019
  • Megalith Levitation / Dekonstruktor - Split digi CD - Aesthetic Death 2020
  • Void Psalms - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2021
  • Obscure Fire - digi CD - Aesthetic Death - 2023

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Megalith Levitation
Obscure Fire
digi CD
Megalith Levitation & Dekonstruktor
digi CD
Megalith Levitation
Void Psalms
digi CD
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