Funeral Chasm

Funeral Chasm was formed in February 2020 as a spontaneous project. Featuring Morten "Sjaelepest" Lund (ex-Devil, ex-Kaos666) and Danny Woe (Altar of Oblivion, ex-Woebegone Obscured), who both play in black metal band "Above Ravens", but felt like experimenting with some more atmospheric and and slow music. Influenced by bands such as Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy, Celtic Frost, Burzum, Ved Buens Ende, Thergothon and Vangelis.


  • I - digital EP - S/R - 2020
  • The Skeleton Secret - digital single - S/R - 2020
  • Mesmerizing Clarity - digital single - S/R - 2020
  • Omniversal Existence - digi CD/2LP - Aesthetic Death - 2021