ESTRANGEMENT smash together a vast array of violently contrasting influences calmly. Harnessing the power of classical music, the band weave epic and sinister compositions into punishing Funeral Doom and Black Metal atmospheres. With a demo tape, split ep, film clip and a compilation CD appearance as their current list of achievements, ESTRANGEMENT will soon record their debut album which promises to be a chaotic, frenzied and painful listening experience.

J.S. (conductor/conduit)
Czar (violin/enchantment)
Euterpe (flute/soaring)
Ligamincer (contrabass/thundering)


  • Belong Beneath - demo tape - S/R - 2013
  • Begrabnis / Estrangement - split CD - Weird Truth - 2014
  • Disfigurementality - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2022