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origin: AUT

Experimental electronic musick

Violenta Domestica is the musick project of Dr.Winter, a versatile artist based in Graz, Austria.

Under the moniker Teratogen he has done album covers, layouts and music videos for various bands since 2002. The musick project was born in 2004. Inspired by inventive music like Ministry, Ulver, Laibach and Mike Patton's projects, the intention was to sound like no other band did before. After some EPs and singles, Dr.Winter started working on the debut album "Cephalaea". 17 songs were recorded at various times between 2008 and 2020, 15 of them made it onto the album, which was mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios.

"Cephalaea" offers a wide range of styles, from Ambient soundscapes, through rhythmic EBM, to harsh Noise/Industrial, but always with an original, weird touch. It was released on 11 September 2020 on two different limited vinyl variations (Blood red and Semen white) and as a six panel digisleeve CD. The CD was released in collaboration with Aesthetic Death. Like always, the digital version was released for free.

At the end of 2020 Dr.Winter made the artwork for Mossadeq's album "Hospital", to which he also contributed an intro and outro with Violenta Domestica. Mossadeq is the main music project of Cle Pecher, who, like Dr.Winter, also started a small label, called grazil Records. While picking up the vinyl pressings of "Hospital", Dr.Winter and Cle had the spontaneous idea to release a split album together, because they had so much in common. Some months later both had 6 songs finished. Violenta Domestica's part "Zerfall" (Decomposition) is a story about getting older in a diseased world without accomplishing anything valuable and wishing to end it all. "Czech/Zerfall" was released as an 8 panel digisleeve through grazil Records/Teratogen on November 9th 2021. Exactly one year later the split album was reissued on clear vinyl in gatefold sleeve, limited to 180 copies.

While working on "Zerfall" Dr.Winter collected many ideas for new songs and together with some older sketches he started assembling the second full-length, right after the EP was finished. "Despicable" was continually developed and improved during a time span of about two years, until it was sent to mastering in February 2023. Like on the previous two releases the mastering was done by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios. "Despicable" is a 79-minute-long album and contains 24 songs which deal with a selection of unpleasant people. Although it's not a concept album as such, the songs are ordered from birth to death and some lyrics are loosely connected. It was released on June 1st (Children's Day, celebrated in most Communist and post-Communist countries) on double colored vinyl (orange & red) and as a six panel digisleeve CD. Aesthetic Death again collaborated on the CD release while grazil Records co-released both formats with Teratogen. The digital version was released for free again.

At the moment Violenta Domestica is working on a new album and some music video ideas.

Violenta Domestica


  • Teratogen - demo CD - Teratogen - 2005
  • A Drama in seven Pieces EP - CD - Teratogen - 2006
  • Room 79 (re-entered) - DVD single - Teratogen - 2008
  • Watching you suffer is Fun EP - CD - Teratogen - 2009
  • Inevitable Course - DVD single - Teratogen - 2011
  • Rendeadvous with Jane Doe - Digital single - Teratogen - 2018
  • Cephalaea digisleeve CD - Teratogen/Aesthetic Death - 2020
  • Cephalaea - 2LP -Teratogen - 2020
  • Zerfall - Split CD (with Mossadeq) - Teratogen/Grazil - 2021
  • Zerfall - Split LP (with Mossadeq) - Teratogen/Grazil - 2022
  • Despicable - Digisleeve CD - Teratogen/Grazil/Aesthetic Death - 2023
  • Despicable - 2LP - Tertogen/Grazil - 2023

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Violenta Domestica
digisleeve CD
Violenta Domestica
digisleeve CD
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