Wijlen Wij started as nothing more than the question 'What if we were to combine our views on extreme doom into one project?'. Soon enough we settled on a bandname, suggested by Lawrence (Solicide) and for several years all we had was a name and one or two tracks. An initial burst of activity resulted in three of the original band members having a better idea of what we wanted to do. Lyrics and concepts provided by Lawrence were turned into tracks and atmospheres by Kostas (Pantheist) and Stijn (Until Death Overtakes Me) forming an album, combining our three different ways of creating extreme doom, ready to be recorded. With delays true to a funeral doom band the music was finally recorded, with Kris (In Somnis) joining us to take care of all things percussion.
Mid 2007 saw the release of our self-titled debut containing 6 tracks and over 70 minutes of extreme funeral atmospherics.


  • Wijlen Wij - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2007
  • 4 way split - CD - Redrum - 2010
  • Coronachs of the Omega - CD - Solitude Prod - 2014