the Greek word, Barus, translates as a weight, an overbearing burden.

Formed in Grenoble during 2015, Barus soon released a first self-titled EP showcasing a visceral mixture of old school death metal, merged with progressive and atmospheric elements. This debut received praise from press, reviewers describing the band as "Autopsy reinterpreted by Meshuggah" or "Gojira and Gorguts jamming out to an old Demilich tune with Ulcerate's instruments".
Their first full-length album Drowned, released in 2018, delved further into a relentless and oppressive form of Death metal and saw the band incorporate further experimental components. Barus now returns with Fanges, a two track EP on which the band explores new artistic and sonic territories, and that sees them fully embrace their shapeshifting identity as purveyors of dark and introspective music.


  • Barus - CD - Les Acteurs De L'Ombre - 2015
  • Drowned - CD - Memento Mori - 2018
  • Fanges - CD - Aesthetic Death - 2021
  • Fanges - Tape - Breathe Plastic - 2021