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Carma cd
Last updated: 5 December 2015

Out now - the debut cd from Portugese atmospheric blackened funeral doom act - CARMA      

Following successful gig in Portugal last week - the new album is released. Last few copies remaining - act quickly.

Co-release along with the excellent underground labels - Altare Prod (Por) + Dying Sun (Hol)   


Of Spire & Throne - Sanctum In The Light CD
Last updated: 7 October 2015

out now - the punishing new album from excellent UK doom act -

OF SPIRE & THRONE - Sanctum In The Light 

Released as a digi CD on 6th October 2015

Atmospheric, discordant and bludgeoning extreme doom, centred on themes of vision, mad ess and self-destruction.

Heavy rhythmic doom interwined with deathly sludge - this release co-incides with the recent UK tour with Faal

Check this doom behemoth out!! 


Whelm - A Gaze Blank... CD
Last updated: 14 August 2015

Now out....... the WHELM CD - "A Gaze Blank and Pitiless as the Sun."

I'm very proud to have released the Whelm album - their only ever full length. Captivating, accomplished dark doom - perfect!

Sounds great and perfectly complimented by an awesome cover art and layout. Check it out!!!

Anyone waiting on a copy - they are leaving here already. 


NEW webstore - check it out.....
Last updated: 16 May 2015

After plenty of work, the AD webstore has now been updated. It is now possible to.....

- search for releases by genre or format;

- use a postage calculator which gives actual postage cost to your region - so multiple cds often cost the same as just one!

- very cheap prices - nearly all CDs £5 or less;

- easy payment via paypal;

- many hundreds of new titles to add over the comng weeks;


Please take some time to check it out. Support the underground!!

Opening offer - Buy 5 CDs or LPs - and get one free

Esoteric - The Pernicious Enigma 3LP
Last updated: 13 May 2015

Work is progressing well with the next Esoteric vinyl.....Pernicious Enigma 3LP.

Greg has recently been re-mixing and re-mastering the album - having never been 100% satisfied with the original mix back in 1997. So, fans of the album will notice a considerable difference with the original mix.

The artwork is looking fantastic - and, as usual, you can expect a heavy duty, beautiful triple gatefold release - with a deep warm killer sound.

This is one of my favourite albums ever - and I will ensure it gets the release it deserves!!!

More news in the coming weeks.......

Mekigah - Litost - new CD
Last updated: 11 May 2015

OUT NOW - the 3rd album from awesome Australian dark doom noise act - MEKIGAH

MEKIGAH is a long term friend of AD - and being inspired by the creations, I'm proud to now have the opportunity to put out this album.

Creating a dark, difficult and schizophrenic tapestry of audial textures - weaving between doom to ambient noise, with a subtle under-layer of rhythmical dissidence. Never knowing where the music will take you, this is a rich and rewarding album. Recent reviews have made comparison to the likes of Gnaw Their Tongues.

Check out this clip of "The Sole Dwelling" -

If you're not familiar with MEKIGAH then check out the interview: 


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