Esoteric - Epistemological Despondency 2LP
Last updated: 17 November 2010

the 2LP vinyl pressing is at the pressing plant - we are expecting release in the next few weeks - pre-orders can now be taken

limited to 350 hand numbered copies - great new layout by Mauro Berchi - UK£26.00 including P+P worldwide

Esoteric 2LP + Fleurety 7"
Last updated: 22 October 2010

ESOTERIC - Epistemological Despondency 2LP

FLEURETY - Evoca Bestias 7"

Both these vinyls have been sent to press - should be ready in the next few weeks. Pre-orders for both releases can be confirmed through Aesthetic Death.

Anyone already in touch with me regarding the Esoteric 2LP will receive further details soon.

The NULLL Collective cd - now out!
Last updated: 24 August 2010

The NULLL Collective - De Monstris CD - is now available.

A tale highlighting the continuous decay of the human race.

Extreme raw, soul-shattering, hateful and experimental funeral doom-death - bowel-churning grim doom, not for the fainthearted.

Features collaboration from members of Uncertainty Principle (UK), Torture Wheel (USA) & Until Death Overtakes Me (BEL).

Limited to 1000 copies - UK£7.00/Euro 8 - postpaid worldwide

Murkrat - Drudging The Mire CD
Last updated: 19 August 2010

The new Murkrat tracks are now recorded.

This 2nd album is nothing short of stunning - some of the darkest, most depressed and enchanting doom I've ever heard - emanating directly from the heart and soul.

Plenty of bands claim to be dark and depressive - but this album makes those bands seem more like Coldplay, lightweight and weak.

This music takes you to darkest voids, then strips you of your emotions - then will remind you of your pathetic insecurities.

A beautifully balanced album - it will reward you finely if you dare to enter the world of the Murkrat.

EIBON - Entering Darkness CD
Last updated: 23 June 2010

the EIBON debut cd "Entering Darkness" is now released

an awesome release, both audially and visually, in hardcover digisleeve - features 6 tracks of intense progressive dark doom.

this is simply a stunning debut album and one of the best Aesthetic Death releases to date


CD = £10.00 postpaid

orders can be made via this site - or direct via paypal

ESOTERIC vinyl series
Last updated: 14 June 2010

Finally, there is some progress regarding the vinyl project:
- each album will be released on an individual basis, starting later in 2010 with the "Epistemological Despondency" 2LP;
- each album will be limited to approx 350 copies;
- following the series of albums on individual LP - there will be a one-off box set containing all albums;
- the box set will be limited to approx 150 copies;
All future news regarding the project will be available here at:
IMPORTANT: Any interest in the "Epistemological Despondency" 2LP can be made now via email ( ) to confirm reservation of a copy. No money required at this stage. Expected cost is £25 postpaid.
Any orders for the "Epistemological" 2LP will receive priority on the next vinyl in the series.
It will be possible to register an interest in the box set version at a later date - anyone buying all individual albums will receive first priority on the box set version.
Any questions or queries regarding the vinyl series should be directed to:

ESOTERIC LP vinyl series
Last updated: 28 April 2010

the ESOTERIC LP series will finally get underway later this year.

each individual album will be released separately in a limited quantity - followed by an ultra limited box set of every album.

further information and details of how to register an interest in any, or all, of these LPs will follow on this website soon - if you want to get hold of these vinyls the only certain way of doing so is via this website  

FLEURETY - Evoco Bestias 7
Last updated: 28 April 2010

Released this year will be the latest material from FLEURETY

FLEURETY - Evoco Bestias 7" 2010

This is the first brand new material from FLEURETY since 2000 - and features the unmistakeable FLEURETY sound from Norway's most handsome rock-stars!!

The material has been mastered by Greg Chandler and will be ready for release later this year.

Eibon + Fatum Elisum gig
Last updated: 28 April 2010

there will be an Aesthetic Death night in northern France on 28th May 2010

EIBON + FATUM ELISUM join forces to play live together in Rouen, France (approx 1hr north of Paris)

Expect a night of dark doom death - get there if you can.

This gig should co-incide with the release of the awesome full EIBON cd "Entering Darkness"

Den Saakaldte "Ol, Morke og Depresjon" 2LP
Last updated: 26 April 2010

Den Saakaldte 2LP finally completed - and looking AWESOME. All pre-orders already mailed.

The Nulll Collective
Last updated: 9 April 2010

Aesthetic Death is proud to announce a forthcoming co-operation with THE NULLL COLLECTIVE

later this summer 2010 will see the release of "De Monstris" - their first full CD release - THE NULLL COLLECTIVE features members who have worked with UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES ME, WRAITH OF THE ROPES, TORTURE WHEEL, WIJLEN WIJ, BEYOND BLACK VOID etc....

awesome oppressive ambient funeral doom - more info can be found at

EIBON - Entering Darkness CD 2010
Last updated: 21 March 2010

the new CD from French sludge doom act EIBON has just finished recording - this is a real progression from their MCD released 18 months ago - 6 tracks of the highest quality post-sludge-doom - initial listenings of the recording sessions suggest this is an essential DOOM classic in the making....

Keep checking for progress - release date is hoped to be May 2010

Den Saakaldte - Ol Morke digi CD + 2LP
Last updated: 21 March 2010

the Den Saakaldte "Ol Morke" digi CD is now out and look awesome - you can buy a copy via this website or through the band

the 2LP version has experienced pressing delays - but should be ready in the next few days - any pre-orders will ship as soon as I receive them

first 100 orders come with the ultra limited bottle opener

Lysergene / Dust To Dearth - "Death Of The Sun" split CD
Last updated: 21 March 2010



the split CD from LYSERGENE + DUST TO DEARTH has been released and features 8 tracks of dark harrowing ambience - featuring members of Murkrat + Esoteric

Aesthetic Death Website Launch
Last updated: 21 March 2010

Welcome to the new Aesthetic Death web site - the purpose of the website is primarily to offer information about the many great bands I work with - let me know what you think of it, or if you have any queries



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