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Last updated: 7 November 2011

I am extremely pleased to be working with Russian act GOATPSALM on their forthcoming 2nd album - Erset La Tari

Bleak death industrial ambient for the fearless, a dark initiation co-existing with lo-fi noise and raw black metal visitations - an eclectic diversion of auditory dissonance and dissidence.

Features members of Karna, Sickrites, Baal Zebuth, Cyber Baphomet etc

A true underground and occult aura surrounds this act of darkness. Highly anticipated....


Saxon Barbarians
Last updated: 7 November 2011

Pernicious Enigma - the 2nd album, and to some the best, recorded back in 1997 from Saxon Barbarians - ESOTERIC

Work is ongoing with the 3-LP vinyl version of "The Pernicious Enigma" - currently the artwork is receiving a layout overhaul by Mauro Berchi, along with the album being totally re-mixed and re-mastered by Greg Chandler. Never being completely happy with the eventual sound of the original release - the vinyl version gives an opportunity to revisit and amend.

More details to follow soon...

Fatum Elisum - Homo Nihilis cd
Last updated: 30 October 2011

out now (28th October 2011) is the new album from FATUM ELISUM - Homo Nihilis

four long tracks of awesome and epic doom - since the self-titled debut Fatum Elisum have progressed and matured, and have now forged their own style of doom - albeit with a healthy reference to the early 90s sounds of Cathedral, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride.

A thoughtful and melancholic album - with a stunning vocal display from Ende

quality recording and great artwork - highly recommended album


The Nihilistic Front
Last updated: 14 September 2011

Aesthetic Death will be working together with Australian uber-crushing extreme doom death act - THE NIHILISTIC FRONT

TNF are currently working on their fourth full length album - although this will be their first release with a label. The first TNF albums have been outstanding - and would be appreciated by people with an empathy towards the sounds reminiscent of the early days of bands like Esoteric, Disembowelment, Loss etc....

Expect awesome heavy oppressive unrelenting punishing doom........

Black Depths Grey Waves cd
Last updated: 14 September 2011

the new album from Black Depths Grey Waves is now released

consisting of an occult blackened noise ritual - a crawling immersion into the darkest reaches of your subconscious mind. 

a disturbing audial experience

available on digipack cd from this site


Samples available
Last updated: 10 September 2011

To help people check out some of the bands on Aesthetic Death, some tracks from all AD releases will soon be made available to listen to directly via this site

this should be possible from mid September - with tracks listenable as play only / download / soundcloud, or a mixture thereof.

if you visit the "releases" section and click on whichever release interests you - and the listen facility will be next to the track listing

ESOTERIC - Epistemological Despondency 2LP
Last updated: 28 June 2011

the ESOTERIC "Epistemological Despondency" 2LP is now released on 27th June 2011.

It has turned out really nicely - a great finish to the gatefold sleeve, heavy duty vinyls, a heavy printed inner sheet/biography and album artwork sticker

it is worth the wait since the original recordings in 1994 - and sounds really warm and intense on vinyl - copies still available to buy directly through this website

work begins immediately on "The Pernicious Enigma" 3LP - await further news

Wreck Of the Hesperus rot forth...
Last updated: 3 June 2011

the 2nd album "Light Rotting Out" is now released - it looks and sounds simply awesome

available to buy now from this site - or contact me directly if you have any queries.

Esoteric - Epistemological 2LP
Last updated: 3 June 2011

release of the "Epistemological Despondency" 2LP is anticipated for 28th June 2011 - more news will follow

Esoteric - Epistmological 2LP - update
Last updated: 22 May 2011

Having received the 3rd set of test pressings for the "Epistemological" 2LP - we are very pleased to say the sound quality is now acceptable.

Things should now move swiftly with the pressing. The sound of this album on vinyl adds an extra dimension of oppression and warmth to this great Esoteric work.

More news regarding the release and shipping date will follow shortly. If anyone has any questions or queries please get in touch.

Walk Through Fire - debut album
Last updated: 8 May 2011

Out Now:

The debut CD - Furthest From Heaven - from awesome Swedish sludge doom act - WALK THROUGH FIRE.

Oppressive, claustrophobic dark blackened sludge. Enveloped in pain.

Taking inspiration from the shit that surrounds us in society - WALK THROUGH FIRE transpose this into a musical megalith which yearns for the demise of mankind.


MurkRat - Drudging The Mire CD - now released!
Last updated: 21 February 2011

Out NOW - and ready to order.

beautifully enchanting, yet tortuous, misanthropic dark harrowing doom

it's simply a stunning piece of dark art and atmosphere  - and I urge everybody to check out Murkrat


Section 37 CD released
Last updated: 21 February 2011


eclectic dark electronic poetry

Section 37 is the musical extension of the blackened mind of a deranged poet, one that is fustrated by a savage disdain to the modern world.

"The Kudos Of Serial Killing" is gleaned from a collection of serial killer poems. Portraying the twisted reasoning of "serial killers", each piece to its own eclectic dark rhythmic electronic style of music. Coupled with sound bites and samples to prepare for a dark journey into minds of madness.

Taking elements of Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, VAC, Underworld, Roger Waters, Depeche Mode, Lustmord, FLA etc...

available to order now - £5 postpaid worldwide


Fleurety - Evoco Bestias 7
Last updated: 26 January 2011

the second release in the FLEURETY 7" vinyl series - Evoco Bestias - is now out, following a lengthy pressing delay

featuring the first new tracks from Fleurety since 1998 - undeniably Fleurety - avantgarde metal with a necro Norge sound

all pre-orders will be sent this week - expect it soon

work starts immediately on the 3rd vinyl in this series - for a release hopefully during summer 2011


Black Depths Grey Waves
Last updated: 26 January 2011

I am very pleased to announce news of a forthcoming co-operation with US act - BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES.

BDGW is a black occult industrial project from the sickened minds of Clint Listing (As All Die, Long Winters Stare, When Joy Becomes Sadness) and Saint Ov Gravediggers (Ordo Tyrannis, Grim Pig)

Noise-filled, black industrial, occult evocations - music that will make you feel at one with your disturbed mind.

Expect their 3rd album "Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart" during summer 2011 - this exceptional wall of noise will appeal greatly to those that have an inclination towards the grim art of MZ 412, Valefor, In Slaughter Natives, Schloss Tegal etc....


WARNING - new Wreck Of The Hesperus album
Last updated: 14 January 2011

Aesthetic Death has the public responsibility to announce that the new Wreck Of The Hesperus album "Light Rotting Out" is officially shite - steer clear of it, be warned.

if you have the misfortune to stumble across this monstrosity - then be prepared for a putrid swirling droning mass of doomy sewage and woeful retarded noise, from these degenerate Irish batty trolls.

Filth, filthier filth and utter rottt lurks amongst us!!!

released later in 2011 on A5 digipack


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