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Ketch - Anthems of Dread is released...
Last updated: 31 December 2016

All doomed souls out there - this is indeed a day for doomful celebration, with the brand new Ketch cd now being released

The Anthems of Dread will take you on an excursion to blissful realms of sludge doom where few only ever dream of venturing.

Check this band out - highly recommended.


Ketch "Anthems of Dread" digi CD out soon...
Last updated: 14 November 2016

the much anticipated KETCH cd is released very soon - under production at present but expected here before the year is out

one of the best sludge doom albums in recent years - expect something colossal.....


Section 37 - Auslander digi CD
Last updated: 14 November 2016

the great 3rd album - "Auslander" - from UK dark electro poet, Section 37 - is out next week

new album features a more polished eclectic dark electronica as the band evolve, mature and develop their sound. Still maintaining the grounded S37 principles of previous releases.

a joint release between AD and the band to push out a limited pressing of 300 copies


Mourning Dawn EP
Last updated: 14 November 2016

the new Mourning Dawn 2CD is going to press later this month

currently being mastered with Greg/Priory Recording Studios - alongside the artwork and layout being completed.

Expect an amazing and intriguing release - 2 individual lengthy tracks, which when overlaid together, form a whole new track.

75 minutes of Cerebral dark distrurbed doom....

Fleurety - Fragmenta 7"
Last updated: 14 November 2016

there have been a few issues with the sound quality for the upcoming Fleurety 7"

those awaiting copies - rest assured, we are working hard to iron out the problems and have this wax on the way to you as soon as possible.....

Mordor - Csejthe / Odes re-issue
Last updated: 20 September 2016

I am very proud to have the opportunity to be working with the legendary MORDOR, to work on the re-issue of their "Csejthe" + "Odes" releases.

Unavailable for many years now - and somewhat lost into underground obscurity. It is undeniable that Mordor were before their time in their musical vision, extremity and dark obscurity.

These albums from this Swiss act formed an important platform in my understanding, admiration and respect for extreme music - along with their further explorations with Gora, The Way Of Nihilism etc.... Setting standards and opening genres within extreme doom and noise that have been pursued and elaborated further ever since.

These re-issues have already encountered numerous delays and problems in obtaining suitable audio - but both myself and Mordor are totally committed to this release happening and a worthy re-issue happening..... whenever that might be. Look out for more details.

Pernicious Enigma - 20 years on.......
Last updated: 3 August 2016

I'm not sure where it has gone - but it is now 20 years since the recordings for Esoteric's "Pernicious Enigma" 2CD.....

This is an amazing and groundbreaking album - well ahead of its time and never surpassed. Not just for me, but seemingly for other people out there.

To mark this 20 year anniversary - the awesome guys at have done a super feature on the album - which includes a review of the recently remixed version, a chat with Greg (Esoteric) regarding the making of the album, and even a chat with myself on releasing the album: - review - Esoteric - Aesthetic Death

If you have any interest in this album then please check out the above links - it brings all those difficult, but amazing, times flooding back.........

ThrOes CD is out
Last updated: 11 July 2016

Proud to announce the ThrOes digi cd has been released - and it does indeed look and sound awesome. 

Prepare to immerse yourself in dissident realms.

Check for info/news//clips on facebook via ThrOesofficial - and news from the chief protagonist on future material.

All orders are shipped - expect them soon.


Fleurety 7" imminent
Last updated: 11 July 2016

After the usual lengthy and unexpected delays - the latest of the Fleurety 7" vinyls is currently at press. Ready to ship early August.

Entitled "Fragmenta Cuinsvis Aetatis Contemporaneae" - this features some blindingly brilliant Fleurety chaos. Two dark instrumental tracks that will not fail to impress those who appreciate the obscure creations of these Norwegian innovators.


Ketch will be joining AD
Last updated: 11 July 2016

Excellent US doom act KETCH will be working with AD on the release of their latest album "The Anthems Of Dread" for release later this year.

Those of you familiar with their previous work will know to expect something special!! 

More news to follow. 


Haiku Funeral - Hallucinations digi CD
Last updated: 17 May 2016

Out now:

the excellent HAIKU FUNERAL album, entitled "Hallucinations" for a very good reason - dark visitations from syncopated, hypnotic, lysergic and erotic rites - musick and magick are intertwined and explored.

This band defy convention and are unique - few bands in this day and age can truly say they have a style all of their own.

Welcome to the hallucinogenic world of Haiku Funeral. Released on digi cd.


Goatpsalm CD review
Last updated: 4 May 2016

check out another excellent review for the Goatpsalm cd

Esoteric - Pernicious Enigma 3LP - out and shipping
Last updated: 4 May 2016

Esoteric "Pernicious Enigma" 3LPs are here - looking good - and have started shipping.

Anyone who has already ordered can expect their copies imminently.

Review of: Whelm - A Gaze Blank cd
Last updated: 16 April 2016

Check out a recent review of the Whelm CD - from legendary and respected underground reviewer/writer Chaim Drishner....

Aesthetic Death on facebook
Last updated: 16 April 2016

It has come to pass......and Aesthetic Death has a facebook presence.

Whilst I won't currently be engaging and messaging on fb personally - due to my technological ignorance and unwillingness to learn quickly.

However, if you "like" AD  on facebook, you will receive some regular news and info on upcoming releases.

Check out:

Thanks all for the continued support - that goes especially to Trent + Kristy.

Esoteric - Pernicious Enigma 3LP is released
Last updated: 31 March 2016

OUT NOW - this is ready to pre-order now. Ships next week!!!

"Pernicious Enigma" is a very important album to me - this is a release that has taken 19 years to materialise.

Released on tri-gatefold, heavy duty reverse card and 180g black vinyl.

totally re-mixed and re-mastered by Greg - to create the sound that the band originally had as their vision.

Great vinyl layout which is loyal to the original release. Vinyl mastering overseen by ourselves to ensure sound quality.

This will stand as one of the proudest moments for Aesthetic Death


ThrOes album cover
Last updated: 31 March 2016

ThrOes album artwork in the making.....


ThrOes - Dissident Metal
Last updated: 17 March 2016


I am very proud and honoured to have the opportunity to work with awesome Australian act - ThrOes

AD will release the stunning debut album "This Viper Womb" in June 2016.

Expect something unique and exceptional - a very exciting release. More info soon.

In the meantime, check out:


ThrOes is Dissident Metal from Tasmania. It is the brain child of Trent Griggs. ThrOes began life in December 2003. 13 long bleak years ensued that saw Griggs eternally at war with the energy involved in creating the material. He worked in solitude during this period. Great patience and execution of will was necessary to let the material evolve organically, and independently of any outside stylistic influence or trend.  Every imaginable mental, physical and financial obstacle had to be overcome. In 2016 the long awaited full length debut album "This Viper Womb" will finally be released via Aesthetic Death. 
Featuring: Trent Griggs, James Ludbrook (Damaged), Kevin Talley (Suffocation), Mark Evans (Alarum), and David Caswell (WDD).


This is not like any metal album you have heard before. This album will ruthlessly infect all utterly. This is Dissident Metal! 

Goatpsalm - Downstream CD
Last updated: 17 March 2016

A petroglyphic tale painted upon grey rocks, which are devoted to the land of everlasting frost.

Follow it downstream through the breath of polar nights, the baying despair of animals, an eternal apthy towards the rotation of life and those dredful legends told by old men.

Almost an hour, deeply submerged within a fusion of doom metal, drone ambient and ethnic music of the Far North of Russia.


Out now - receiving deserved acclaim for a stunning diverse and dark creation. Goatpsalm continue their partnership with AD, to release this their third album. 

Never standing still, they continue to explore their minds and their heritage through musical creation. Never for the narrow-minded.


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