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Den Saakaldte
Ol, Morke Og Depresjon

Cat #: ADLP 002

Pressing: 500

Recorded: 2006

Released: April 2011



  1. Gjenspeilingen Av Knuste Minner   4.02
  2. Jag Ar Den Fallna   11.48
  3. Vandringen   7.28
  4. Ode   3.31
  5. Drikke Ens Skal   7.29
  6. Den Sorglose Intterens Sang   0.49
  7. Vandringen (early demo version)   
  8. Mesias (live version '09)    

Duration: 51 mins

Den Saakaldte - Ol, Morke Og Depresjon (Album Cover)

Den Saakaldte - Ol, Morke Og Depresjon (2LP)

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first copies come with a limited edition bottle opener - black vinyl and splatter vinyl - sticker included.


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What they say...
Complete with acoustic interludes and supercharged musical thrusts this is a glorious album of ‘fuck you’ nihilistic distemper and it sounds fantastic...
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The whole album seems to go for a doom-black approach musically, which suits the lyrics and album title perfectly, reeking of alcohol and sadness like a lonely Saturday night when a bottle of beer and a guitar are your only companions. There's this consta...
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a dense, frightening slab of black metal with a truly obscure vibe and an oppressive feeling of depression and anger haunting the whole affair...


What you say...
A good way to describe this release would be "Nightmare Metal" as the music seems to progress and carry the listener through a sort of story or figuration. There are extremely powerful elements laced with fiendish vocals that kept me anticipating what was coming next. It's clear that careful arrangement went into the production of this entire work rather than a torrent of noise and thrash. Technical and brilliant, this album is guaranteed to satisfy anyone interested in the Black Metal genre. Aesthetic Death deserves congratulations for the beautiful packaging and presentation that compliments so very well this dark and satisfying work.
Rating: ★★★★★