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Entering Darkness
digi CD

Cat #: ADCD 015

Pressing: 1000

Recorded: December 2009

Released: June 2010



  1. Through the Eyes   9.59
  2. Entering Darkness   7.18
  3. Convulse To Reign   9.04
  4. Substance   14.19
  5. These Chains   8.50
  6. Path To Oblivion   13.53

Duration: 63:23

Eibon - Entering Darkness (Album Cover)

Eibon - Entering Darkness (digi CD)

Price: £7.00


special hardcover digisleeve.


Overall rating: ★★★★★ - add a review for this release.


What they say...
One of the best doom albums to my ears of 2010. And a solid candidate for the debut of the year....
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This is music that makes you FEEL things, but isn’t exactly sensitive. It’s heavy both in the metal respect and the one referring to depth. It’s dense while being incredibly palatable, if the mood is right....
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Entering Darkness has it all : huge riffs that'll drown you, precise musicianship, the hopeless atmosphere and most important : a strong personality. This is what sets Eibon apart from any contender, and make them as impressive and important to the french...
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What you say...
A band with 3 hard and heavy doom releases under their belts they deserve wider attention with this release. A great album from start to finish with thought and good musicianship throughout. Like a punch to the head it stays with you, allowing the bruised ears to absorb the dark crushing riffs and atmosphere the music creates. This gets regular playing time with plenty to keep the listener happy, money well spent for every doom fan out there. Top class in all departments, buy now if possible.
Rating: ★★★★★