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Suffer Yourself
Axis Of Tortures
digi CD

Cat #: ADCD 099

Pressing: 500

Recorded: 2022

Released: September 22nd 2023



  1. Enter the Axis (intro)    0:40
  2. Axis Insanity    15:35
  3. Axis Despair    16:55
  4. Axis Pain    10:27
  5. Axis Time    15:32
  6. Serutrot Fo Sixa    1:17

Duration: 60:26

Suffer Yourself - Axis Of Tortures (Album Cover)

Suffer Yourself - Axis Of Tortures (digi CD)

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excellent new album - sees the band take their "funeral death metal" to new levels - comes on beautiful 8 panel digipack


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A mix of Funeral Doom and Death metal, where the Death portion is present even in the slowest sections in the form of a subtle, nasty, and sharp element in the guitars. The varied vocals take it a step further and would be a nice fit for Black metal on top of the aforementioned two sub-genres. They are quite upfront in the mix and a main contributor to the oppressive nature of this album. The overall atmosphere and production bring the music close to the listener; at times, it felt as if I was surrounded by the musicians instead of observing them on a stage. That in turn brought up the fitting image of being tied to a chair and being forced to listen to this savage piece of work. I like this stuff, but can imagine it would be torture for a good number of folk.
Rating: ★★★★★