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Haiku Funeral
Drown Their Moons In Blood
digi CD

Cat #: ADCD 084

Pressing: 300

Recorded: 2020

Released: 31st October 2021



  1. The Universe Murders Itself    9:12
  2. The Head of the Innocent One    6:00
  3. Cherny Shamani    5:08
  4. The Earth Burns and Burns    9:01
  5. Split the Swollen Dark    7:52
  6. To Illuminate A World    10:03
  7. Drown Their Moons In Blood    12:49

Duration: 60:05

Haiku Funeral - Drown Their Moons In Blood (Album Cover)

Haiku Funeral - Drown Their Moons In Blood (digi CD)

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Visionary Industrial Dark Ambient....journey through black holes of Luciferian consciousness expansion.


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How much a man can lose by his ignorance and being stuck rigidly in a musical niche ... I feel good about it and I absolutely do not complain, but when sometimes, completely detachable, I reach for something theoretically unlikely to succeed, I hit a stone like a scythe. This is exactly what happened with Haiku Funeral, a band whose name has touched my ears at least a few times, but I have always been too lazy to see what it is. Until today. And my first meeting with this formation can be easily compared to Go?ota's fight with Lamon Brewster. By the time the opening the whole album "The Universe Murders Itself" was over, I was already lying on the ground and didn't know what the fuck was going on here. Haiku Funeral's music has such a great impact on the listener that comparing to it bludgeoning blow is like a mosquito bite. The duo, which consists of musicians who deal with progrock and black metal on a daily basis, so completely opposite genres, together create sounds that, due to their diversity, escape unambiguous categorization. The gentlemen create both beautiful and terrifying visions, and the game of contrasts and juxtaposing elements theoretically do not match each other is the order of the day on "Drown Their Moons In Blood". The basis of these seven compositions is a marriage of dark ambient with a ritual, shamanic overtone with elements of industrial music. However, such a term is quite shallow, because there are many ornaments taken from other musical varieties. For example in the form of oriental additions in "The Head of the Innocent One" or "Cherny Shamani" and even the Dead Can Dance-like atmosphere. But I will not just lay it on the line. All I can say is that under the influence of this mixture I stop thinking logically and start to follow it into its depths like a rat following an enchanted flute. All the more that it is accompanied by amazing, varied vocals, sometimes demonic and venomous, in other parts whispered and captivating. Rarely non-metal music is able to plow me like that, but when confronted with albums like "Radiance of a Thousand Suns" or "Drown Their Moons In Blood" I feel simply defenseless. Because these sounds seem to materialize around my head, touch my sweaty back with icy tentacle, or burn my eyes and nose with a hot breath. Nothing else to add. I turn off the light, put on my headphones and float away, carried by the stream of darkness ... wherever it leads.
Rating: ★★★★★