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Mourning Dawn
Waste EP
digi CD

Cat #: ADCD 037

Pressing: 1000

Recorded: 2015

Released: Feb 21st 2017



  1. The One I Never Was    24:14
  2. The One I'll Never Be    24:14
  3. Waste (The Deconstruction of a Human Being)    24:14

Duration: 72' 42

Mourning Dawn - Waste EP (Album Cover)

Mourning Dawn - Waste EP (digi CD)

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two stunning new tracks - which when overlaid onto each other create a whole new track. Intellectual sickness.


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What they say...
Their newest release will bear the title Waste and is a testament to sheer dedication to both detail and perfection: The band has managed to splendidly mix and add both Black and Doom Metal together into a perfect hybrid of the two, having strong ties to ...
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Mourning Dawn have produced a masterclass in original, unwavering Doom, delivered with extraordinary heartfelt sorrow and admirable artistry in every department. It's challenging, it's harrowing, and it's something you should hear....
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Whatever they did, I love it. The title track is pure (miserable) ear candy and a glorious cacophony of atmospheric hatred… for want of a better term. So I applaud the band for thinking up such a mad idea and I applaud them again for the perfect executio...
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