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Cat #: ADCD 035

Pressing: 1000

Recorded: 2015

Released: Feb 29th 2016



  1. Grey Rocks    10:48
  2. Flowers Of The Underworld    14:07
  3. White Sea    4:52
  4. Orphan    5:53
  5. Of Bone and Sinew    4:20
  6. The Waylayer (A Great Spring Hunger)    8:24
  7. Downstream    9:59

Duration: 58' 36

Goatpsalm - Downstream (Album Cover)

Goatpsalm - Downstream (CD)

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Third Goatpsalm album


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What they say...
There's just so much going on here, so many differing and interesting sounds and textures expertly welded together to create a singular atmosphere, and I honestly can't fault it. This is an essential release for any fans of textured atmospheric dark music...
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Goatpsalm have a penchant for building their songs gradually, beginning with something simple and isolated and then adding layers of texture through the slow accretion of new looping sounds and instruments — and then moving off in different musical direct...
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In all, I bequeath unto Downstream the hallowed ‘Great’ rating for its initiative and willingness to be creative. It’s a fascinating album and I’ve lost myself in its precise doom and folky mysticism. Dark ambient has never been so appealing....
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