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Cat #: ADCD 027

Pressing: 1100

Recorded: September 2012

Released: June 21st 2013



  1. The Void Settlers   20.10
  2. Elements Of Doom   23.10

Duration: 43' 20

Eibon - II (Album Cover)

Eibon - II (CD)

Price: £5.00


comes on LP-style limited bespoke cardboard sleeve


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What they say...
darkly aggressive sludge/doom, with pounding riffs and distorted backgrounds, shot through occasionally with sections of black metal influenced dissonance, pace and crescendo. It's brutal unflinching stuff, executed with consummate artistry and precision ...
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....their evolution over the last three years, more honed and focused on a droning, lethargic sense of heaviness. The first few minutes are a gruelling slog through mountainous riffing and swamps of drone, the bilious screech of George scything through th...
aggressive sludge, atmospheric and heavy doom and uncompromising black metal. Raw pounding riffs, used to underline the malicious atmosphere...


What you say...
One maggot is enough to spoil an apple. A piece of apple in a bowl full of maggots does not make the dish appealing. Our world is writhing with maggots - famine, war, cruelty, etc., etc. The fact that there is such beauty to be had here only adds insult to injury ("What an amazing sunset! Oh wait, the Holocaust happened... never mind"). Religions and philosophies preach sufferance; that you should choke down your maggots and pretend to like it. Be thankful for the good and be content with the bad. In response, Eibon will have you headbanging and shaking your fist at the heavens. Sufferance is a balm... and an insult to those suffering. We reject the offer of salvation out of spite. Plenty of bands tap into this feeling; but Eibon truly nails it. At least, that's how I see it... Musically excellent too. Compared to their previous releases, this takes everything to a whole new level, so I can't wait to hear what they do next. Highly recommended.
Rating: ★★★★★