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Haiku Funeral
digi CD

Cat #: ADCD 034

Pressing: 1000

Recorded: 2015

Released: May 11th 2016



  1. the first amphetamine kiss   1:58
  2. hallucinations   4:23
  3. Razgradjone (Dissolution)   6:16
  4. Glasat (The Voice)   4:44
  5. suicide organ   5:49
  6. servants of fire   3:46
  7. darkest day of the year   4:03
  8. faith's black orgasm   8:05
  9. the final amphetamine kiss   3:27
  10. the last hallucination of christ   11:10

Duration: 53

Haiku Funeral - Hallucinations (Album Cover)

Haiku Funeral - Hallucinations (digi CD)

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What they say...
I feel as though it was in the forefront of Haiku Funeral’s mind, when creating Hallucinations, to fuck you up mentally as much as possible....
I wouldn’t say that in the last 4 years they had got any odder as they were already well and truly there in the first place but with their “ahem” hallucinatory new album they haven’t exactly found sobriety or any form of lucidity either....
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Commanding, cold, indifferent and delicately harsh, this is not an album to put on in the background but one that must be given its own time and space to be fully appreciated. In engaging with this, the listener relinquishes control and subjects themselve...
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