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Cat #: ADCD 031

Recorded: 2013

Released: 25th Nov 2014

  1. total cessation of one    4:18
  2.    Play track
    the sole dwelling    6:58
  3. arangutia    7:16
  4.    Play track
    by force of breath    4:16
  5.    Play track
    sa fii al dracului    1:47
  6. wurrmbu    6:45
  7. circuitous revenge    5:14
  8. mokuy    6:55
  9. an overbearing insanity    2:54
  10. bir'yun    5:45

Duration: 52' 08

Notes: Awesome melancholic raw doom, laden with percussive rhythmical noise - unstructured dark melancholic bliss. Pressing - 1000

Mekigah - Litost (Album Cover)

Mekigah - Litost CD

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Mekigah - Litost (Album Cover)
Released: 25th Nov 2014
Overall rating:
5 stars average
What they say
"those who love their music Dark, with a capital D -- for those 'Litost' is ..."
"A very impressive release; I wasn’t expecting something to merge darkness..."
"a record worth really delving into, as each track feels like it’s own sep..."
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jlks wrote:
"Litost overwhelms the mind with all kinds of twisted vocalisations and other aural hieroglyphs. What's impressive is that in spite of its weirdness it never feels too abstract and impersonal, like most musical trips which you can lose yourself in. In fact it feels deeply personal and introspective, it gets under your skin, which is really what makes it such a challenging and effective piece of dark contemplative music. Also a good-looking production with nice art and layout to enhance the experience."
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Rating: 5 stars