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This Viper Womb
digi CD

Cat #: ADCD 036

Recorded: 2012-2016

Released: June 29th 2016

  1. Permanent Midnight    4:54
  2. Shock To The Guts    7:16
  3. Dead Lights    6:41
  4. Conscience Makes Cowards    8:29
  5. Nothing Left For The Vultures    8:41
  6.    Play track
    Nowhere Else    6:52
  7. This Viper Womb    6:02
  8. Lavish The Anguish    5:15
  9.    Play track
    Feed It    6:31
  10. D.N.A. Corruption    6:00

Duration: 66' 43

Notes: Dissident Metal. Pressing - 1000

ThrOes - This Viper Womb (Album Cover)

ThrOes - This Viper Womb digi CD

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ThrOes - This Viper Womb (Album Cover)
This Viper Womb
digi CD
Released: June 29th 2016
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What they say
"In hindsight, it makes sense why the album begins with words from Terrence ..."
"One thing that is safe to say is that there is nothing typical on this albu..."
"It’s more than just an album – it truly is unique and an experience wel..."
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Great J-K-S wrote:
""Dissident metal" at it's finest - born out of the eternal struggle between artistic vision and the second-hand cultural values we've all assimilated. And it's great music!
Sometime's challenging, sometimes gratifying, always rewarding. This will appeal to all open-minded lovers of extreme music, and those who respect genuine artistry."
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Rating: 5 stars