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Walk Through Fire
Furthest From Heaven

Cat #: ADCD 020

Recorded: June 2010

Released: May 6th 2011

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    Furthest From Heaven    11.47
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    Through Me They Bleed    11.14
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    The Dying Sun    4.03
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    The Dead Sun    13.30

Duration: 40 mins

Notes: Pressing - 1000

Walk Through Fire - Furthest From Heaven (Album Cover)

Walk Through Fire - Furthest From Heaven CD

Price: £4.00

Walk Through Fire - Furthest From Heaven (Album Cover)
Walk Through Fire
Furthest From Heaven
Released: May 6th 2011
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5 stars average
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What they say
"this album is massive, you can feel the sorrow coming from the speaker"
"All in all, this is an excellent album for lovers of heavy doom, sludge pos..."
"Take us to the place where all we hear is the heavy sonics of sludge, where..."
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Dan.G wrote:
"Walk Through Fire's second album is a slow motion punishment equal parts Funeral Doom and Sludge. Imagine Cult of Luna shorn of the art student aesthetic and fed nothing but downers for an entire December, after having just been told that every single member of their respective families had been killed - this is what you would get. Awesome. "
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Rating: 5 stars