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The NULLL Collective
De Monstris

Cat #: ADCD 016

Recorded: 2009

Released: July 2010

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    Exocation Of The Void-Self    13.13
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    Repulsugloid (part 1)    2.50
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    Divine Skin    7.47
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    Repulsugloid (part 2)    1.54
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    Feed The Whore    17.54
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    Silent Night - bonus track    5.37

Duration: 48 mins

Notes: A tale of the continuous decay of the human race. Pressing - 1000

The NULLL Collective - De Monstris (Album Cover)

The NULLL Collective - De Monstris CD

Price: £5.00

The NULLL Collective - De Monstris (Album Cover)
The NULLL Collective
De Monstris
Released: July 2010
Overall rating:
5 stars average
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What they say
"this is up there with the founding fathers"
"'De Monstris' is a superlative album, three experts in control, six radical..."
"The band plays a very dark, noisy and bad production that fits quite well t..."
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Adam wrote:
"A genuinely interesting and extreme doom album. Great dynamics and variation throughout. My favourite track is the epic "Feed the Whore" which has great twists and turns throughout and surreal use of keyboard sounds"
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Rating: 5 stars
Magoo wrote:
"Shuddering death-tinged extreme doom. A musical reflection of the putrid society we walk amidst."
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Rating: 5 stars