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Once you’re past the dodgy artwork, you’re in for a serious bout of doomy droning from both of these acts, both of which are solo side-projects.

Dust To Dearth is Mandy from Australian band Murkrat, making a negatively charged, swirling vortex of dark ambience that still remains pleasantly massaging. Most of the time you need to be safely in the mood for this kind of stuff, but DTD draw you in and hold your attention for sure.
Their side of the split flows directly into Lysergene’s offerings. Gordon from long-running death doomers Esoteric makes much the same kind of doomy droning, with a spacey, otherworldliness provided by the slightly more electronic sounds. It is none the less organic for that though.
If evil, brooding menace is your bag, then you can’t go wrong with this. Still a hell of a lot to digest though so it’s probably best for those who have the luxury of time to get fully into the zone.

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