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A review on Wijlen Wij (Wijlen Wij) written by Ultimate guitar

Extremely acid guitars, extremely slow beats, extremely low voices and extremely low-pitched instruments: Well, it is definitely typical Funeral Doom. Oh no, but not Wijlen Wij: Stijn Van Cauter (the mastermind behind WW) goes beyond. Mixing clean deep vocals, with some Scottish music (I'm not one hundred per cent whether it is Scottish or any something else, although it looks like have some influences) it gives a really interesting depressive atmosphere. It is really heavy, slow and brutal, something which I truly appreciate in Funeral Doom Metal style, and being completely honest, I have never listened to such a brutal guitar distortion before, it's amazing and deserve a listen or two. The shortest song has 5 minutes, and the longest 21 minutes, once again, very typical of Funeral Doom style, nevertheless it's pretty good even "enduring" so long, lol. At the very moment Wijlen Wij is the first one on my top Funeral Doom bands.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics talks about nature and overall depression. Those lyrics are amazing, I totally love it, Cauter is a genius. Lyrics are sang in brutal and rough gutturals, with some pig squeals: sounds really good.

Overall Impression — 9
Man, I'm a real fan of Funeral Doom, Depressive Suicidal Black Metal and brutal stuff like that. When I bought Wijlen Wij and listened to it, it's like traveling to a distant gloom world, full of woe, sorrow and grief, and it feels great, just great. Emotion-filled musics by one man bands are always great to give a listen or two, so, if you're into doom metal scene I highly recommend this one.

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