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Rot Coven due to release with AD.....
Last updated: 10 June 2024

After running the label for so many years I'm privileged to have worked with so many amazing and exciting bands.

But, as you get older, there's not so much (in life, not just in music) that gets you as excited as those young hedonistic days when dark oppressive music was the soundtrack to the highs....and the lows...

Listening to Rot Coven brings it all back - reminds me of why I love running the label after all these years.

"Nightmares Devour The Waking World" was exactly what I looking for in that moment - when I heard it for the first time I fell straight for it and it gave me that buzz of excitement, like an old music junkie still searching for the next big high.....

Released in August 2024 - be sure to look out for this!!


Mekigah - new album.....
Last updated: 10 June 2024

some 7 years since the last album - Mekigah return with their brand new album.

Long time friend of both myself and the label - Mekigah create a music and identity I can perfectly relate to.

With a non-conformist approach to music, an anti-establishment mindset and turning his back to the mechanisms of society - Mekigah are the ideal fit to Aesthetic Death

The new album sees Mekigah travel down even more difficult and head-fucking labyrinths than before. 

More news to follow - expect a release by August 2024


just in.....
Last updated: 10 June 2024

latest arrivals.....

Sorry for the delay with this update - some technical issues on the website which caused us to be running behind with everything.

Been going through some old boxes and stock recently - some items with storage wear will be described if not in perfect condition.

New arrivals from Metal Coffin Recs (MEX), STN Recs (RUS), Aphelion Prod (UK), TM Prod (AUS), Fucking Your Creation Recs (GRE) etc....


Until Death Overtakes Me (BEL) - Days Without Hope - CD (Funeral doom, funeral doom ambient)

Paganland (UKR) - Wind Of Freedom - CD (Pagan/folk black, Ukrainian pagan black - FFO Vintersorg, Ensiferum, Drudkh)

Misanthropic Art (RUS) - The Streams Of Terror - 2CD (Black, 2CD jewel case version)

Schmerz (GER) - Chronika - CD (Black)

Sigillum Diaboli (RUS) - 666 - CD (Black)

Aethernaeum - Naturmystik - CD (Black, Folk black metal - in the vein of Dornenreich, Agalloch, Empyrium etc)

Abscess (USA) - Bourbon, Blood and Butchery - CD (Death, back in stock)

Bonesaw / Bone Gnawer (UK / SWE) - split - LP (Death, back in stock)

Bonesaw (UK) - Sawtopsy - CD (Death, back in stock)

Towards Darkness - Tetrad - CD (Doom, back in stock - excellent band)

Arkhon Infaustus (FRA) - Orthodoxyn - CD (Death Black)

The Stone (SRB) - Zakon Velesa - CD (Black)

Salon Decadence Compilation (INT) - Neo-Form Prasentiert - CD (Gothic/Darkwave, Released to accompany a 2-day concert organized by Neo-Form in Leipzig in 2006. Features Rose Rovine E Amanti, Sagittarius, Tho-So-Aa, Echo West + Shava Sadhana )

Sojaruun (EST) - Talv - CD (Pagan/folk black)

The Ravenous (USA) - Blood Delirium - CD (Death, Death gore metal "supergroup" featured Lilker, Reifert, Coralles, Killjoy and Bower - second album)

Regurgitate (SWE) - Effortless Regurgitation... The Torture Sessions - CD (Grind, Features the Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood album - along with EP and demo releases from the 1993/1994 period - original 1999 issue - excellent condition)

Christmass (RUS) - Vigil - CDr (Funeral doom, Russian one-man funeral doom - on pro cdr)

Dogme (RUS) - Eons - CD (Funeral doom, cosmic funeral doom)

1000 Funerals (IRA) - Butterfly Decadence - CD (Funeral doom, Funeral doom with elements of death metal and ambient - second album)

1000 Funerals (IRA) - Portrait Of A Dream - CD (Funeral doom, Iranian funeral doom - debut album. Damage to spine on rear inlay card - hence lower price)

Until My Funerals Began (UKR) - False Horizon - CD (Funeral doom)

Until My Funerals Began (UKR) - Behind The Window - CD (Funeral doom)

Dissolving Of Prodigy (CZE) - Stvanice - Tape (Death Doom)

Dissolving Of Prodigy (CZE) - Loucení se svetem pozemskym - Tape (Death Doom)

Defiled (JAP) - Divination - CD (Death, Japanese death metal - first album on Season Of Mist - storage wear, slight scuffs on CD)

Violet Magick (MEX) - XIII - CD (Doom, Heavy / Doom metal - storage wear, slight scuffs on CD)

Mortiis (SWE) - The Smell Of Rain - CD (Gothic/Darkwave, Darkwave synthpop - era 2. Storage wears - scuffs on CD)

Vasaria (USA) - Vasaria - CD (Gothic/Darkwave, Gothic metal/rock - on Century Media - storage wear, scuffs on CD)

Katatonia (SWE) - Brave Yester Days - 2CD (Death Doom, Compilation of early material including tracks from Dance of December Souls, Brave Murder Days, Saw You Drown, For Funerals To Come, Sound Of Decay, Jhva Elohim Meth - released in 2004)

Inferno (CZE) - V navratu pohanstvi - CD (Black, slight marks on CD, plays fine)

Panchrysia (BEL) - Massa Damnata - CD (Black)

Thus Defiled (UK) - Daemonspawn - CD (Black)

Ulvegr (UKR) - Arctogaia - CD (Black, Ukrainian black metal)

Ninnixu (USA) - Collection - CD (Black, includes material from the demo and split releases)

Morbid Lust (RUS) - In Death You Will Dwell - digisleeve CD (Death, Blasphemous Death Metal from 1992. Reminiscent of early Tiamat. Nekrokvlt. CD re-issue in gatefold-style. Limited to 222 hand-numbered copies.)

Ulcer (POL) - Heading Below - CD (Death, comes in card slipcase)

Foetopsy (USA) - In The Bathroom - CD (Grind, brutal death grind on Barbarian Recs)

Plan E (FIN) - Best kept Secret - CD (Obscure, long time project of Jani Lehtosaari (ex Belial, Impaled Nazarene etc) - experimental alternative rock)

Plan E (FIN) - Bassonova - CD (Obscure)

Norman Shores (FRA) - Le Tombeau De Brume - CD (Black, French one man BM - jewel case version)

Empaligon (GER) - Black Dominated Annihilation - CD (Black, raw black metal - 2nd edition on Autopsy Stench - rare CD - slight scuffs on CD but plays fine)

Ende (FRA) - Whispers Of A Dying Earth - CD (Black)

Hirax (USA) - Not Dead Yet + 1 - CD (Thrash, classic thrash speed power metal crossover - includes Raging Violence & Hate Fear and Power - re-issue on Thrash Corner Recs)

Hirax (USA) - El Rostro De La Muerte - CD (Thrash, classic thrash speed power metal crossover - CD version on Thrash Corner Recs)

Hirax (USA) - Noise Chaos War - CD (Thrash, classic thrash speed power metal crossover - includes 3 EPs: Barrage of Noise, Chaos And Brutality + Assassins Of War - on Thrash Corner Recs)

Hirax (USA) - The New Age Of Terror - 2CD (Thrash, classic thrash speed power metal crossover - 2 disc set, includes live DVD 0ver 100 minutes)

Hirax (USA) - El Rostro De La Muerte - CD (Thrash, classic thrash speed power metal crossover - this edition on SelfMadeGod Recs)

Maniac Butcher (CZE) - Masakr 2010 - CD (Black)

Serpent Throne (CHI) - Infernal Desecration - digi CD (Death Black)

Capitis Damnare (GER) - Black Stigmatized (The Order Of Worship And Death) - CD (Black)

Lugubrum (BEL) - Bruyne Troon - digi CD (Black, experimental black metal - 2021 digi CD re-issue on Aphelion Prod.)

Nidhogg (NOR) - Nidhogg - digi CD (Black)

White Medal (UK) - Guthmers Hahl - digi CD (Black, Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal)

Korpse (UK) - Mirror Distance - CD (Ambient Abstract, Grey, granite, progressive death metal - includes demo, 7" and album session tracks from the period 1991-1995)

Repuked & Bonesaw (SWE / US) - Split - digi CD (Death, Death gore crust)

Bonesaw / Haemophagus (UK / ITA) - Split - CD (Death)

Impious Havoc (FIN) - Infidels - CD (Black)

The True Endless (ITA) - Legacy Of Hate - digi CD (Black, trendkiller black metal)

Taatsi (FIN) - Olden Folk - CD (Black, Atmospheric nature black metal)

Stozhar (RUS) - Духом свободы, разрывая оковы... - digibook CD (Heavy Metal, Folk symphonic metal)

The Extinct Dreams (RUS) - Fragments Of Eternity - digi CD (Funeral doom, Funeral death doom)

Sunset Forsaken (RUS) - 85 Nerves - digi CD (Death Doom, melodic death doom - ffo Swallow The Sun, October Tide etc...)

Desolate (CHN) - Illusion City - CD (Dark ambient, never played - but slight storage wear on disc)

Slaves Of The Prison (CHN) - Deathward - CD (Death, melodic death metal)

Uruk-Hai (AUT) - Lost Songs From Middle Earth - CD (Dark ambient, Fantasy ambient - includes 2002 demo as a bonus)

Vinterriket (GER) - Nachtfulle - digi CD (Black ambient, Landscape inspired black ambient)

Wach (AUT) - Nordwand - MCD (Dark ambient, Two lengthy tracks of dark ambient drone noise - with a majestic cinematic feel. Album is in honour of the Eiger North Face amidst the Alps. Wach is Hugin of Uruk Hai)

Fornicatador (AUS) - Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse - CD (Death Black, Australian black/death metal FFO ARCHGOAT, DIOCLETIAN, BESTIAL WARLUST etc. )

Derailment (AUS) - Come Clean In Death - CD (Sludge Doom, Embittered sludgecore from members of INTERNAL ROT, HEADLESSDEATH etc., for fans of THUG, CATTLE PRESS, NAILBOMB.... Label collaboration between TM (AUS) + Behind The Mountain (POL))

Fumigated & Death Fetish (USA) - Split - CD (Grind, Punishing goregrind/deathgrind split from two Midwestern USA bands )

Meatal Ulcer (AUS) - The Fog Had Begun To Churn With Flesh Enthusiasm - CD (Grind, Totally psychotic cybergoregrind mental illness from Melbourne, from a longtime scene stalwart and a DIE PIGEON DIE member. Includes tracks from demo/split releases)

Sanctioned (AUS) - Annexation - CD (Grind, Grindcore crust from Melbourne scene legends - FFO ASSUCK, ACME, HIS HERO IS GONE)

Necrovation (SWE) - Necrovation - CD (Death, Old school death metal - brings to mind the early 90s Swedish death, plus reminiscent of Frost in parts with their pacing and heavy riffs. CD is never played but has slight storage wear on the disc - plays fine)

Obtruncation (NED) - The Callous Concept - CD (Death, Good Dutch death metal. Recorded in 1995, but sadly not released until 1999. Used condition but plays fine - slight scuffs on CD )

Dead Man's Grief (UK) - Embrace Sorrow & Solitude - digi CD (Doom Stoner, Heavy. gloomy, dense and under the limbo of hallucnation. For devotees of Electric Wizard, Cathedral, Acid King, monolord etc....)

Horrid Sight (MEX) - Evil made Flesh - CD (Death, Death thrash)

Excavator (MEX) - Eternal Fire - CD (Death, Melodic death metal, with a hint of thrash - FFO At The Gates, The Haunted, Dark Tranquility, In Flames...)

Forest Of Shadows (SWE) - Where Dreams Turn To Dust - CD (Doom, Melodic Doom Metal - 2021 issue on GSP Prod includes "The Silent Cry" demo as bonus tracks - FFO October Tide, Katatonia, Anathema etc...)

Nadiwrath (GRE) - Death Eternal - digi 2CD (Black, unreleased tracks from the “Circle of Pest” era. Plus tracks from their splits, EPs and first demo)

Dodsferd (GRE) - Asphyxiating Late Night Sessions: Collaboration With Sarvok - digi CD (Black)

Dodsferd (GRE) - Suicide and the Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow II - digi CD (Black)

Grab (GRE) - The Inevitable Filth Of Mankind - digi CD (Black, featuring Wrath of Dodsferd)

The Giant's Fall (GRE) - The Giant's Fall - digi CD (Doom, Drone doom sounds - slow riffs, psychedelic and ambient. Based around Talos - the Ancient Greek mythology)

Manos Six & The Muddy Devil (GRE) - Swamp Suicide - digi CD (Neoclassical / Folk, an acoustic duo whose music is a blend of Dark-Americana, Death-Country, Neo-Folk and Black Metal. The band’s main instruments being banjo and acoustic bass and themes around the Deep South)

G.N.L.S. (GRE) - Conspiracy Of Thoughts - digi CD (Black ambient, the claustrophobic project of Wrath (Dodsferd) and Sarvok - G.N.L.S. (Geometric Nictation of Lament’s Space) came via our long discussions on the constant decay of this world and humanity)

Intaglio (RUS) - II - CD (Doom, Progressive doom)

Funeral Fukk (GER) - Carnal Confessions - CD (Trad doom)

Reido (BLR) - F:\all - CD (Extreme Doom, debut album from the excellent Reido)



still available from last month.....

Dissolving Of Prodigy (CZE) - Loucení se svetem pozemskym - digi CD (Death Doom, Farewell To The Earthly World - 2023 digipack re-issue - includes 16 page booklet and two bonus tracks)

Funeris (ARG) - Funereal Symphonies - CD (Doom, back in stock)

Funeris  (ARG) - Dismal Shapes - CD (Funeral doom, back in stock)

Funeris - Act III: Bitterness - CD (Funeral doom, back in stock)

Funeris - Elegies & Blood - CD (Funeral doom, back in stock)

Ankhagram (RUS) - Where Are You Now - CD (Funeral doom, back in stock - funeral doom meets post-rock)

Aeternum Sacris (JAP) - 2011.03.11 - CD (Funeral doom, funeral doom metal/ambient - re-recording of 2011 demo)

Elffor (SPA) - Medieval Cults of Heresy - digi CD (Black, this is the dungeon synth side of Elffor on this release - released on Nightside Records)

Taiga (RUS) - Right To Remember - digi CD (Black, atmospheric depressive black with post/shoegaze elements - with members of Funeral Tears, Apokefale etc...)

The Magus (GRE) - Vissodomontas - CD (Black, Greek Black Heavy Metal)

Kalt Vindur (POL) - Magna Mater - CD (Doom black)

Corax BM (GRE) - Pagana - CD (Black)

Necromantia (GRE) - To The Depths We Descend.... - digi CD (Black, Digipack version)

Melan Selas (GRE) - Zephyrean Hymns - A5 digi CD (Black, comes in A5 digipack)

Autumn Tears (USA) - Guardian Of The Pale - digi 2CD (Neoclassical / Folk, 2CD digipack version)

Schatten Muse (GER) - Verganglichkeit - A5 digi CD (Gothic/Darkwave, electronic darkwave, inspired by 80s/90s - new German death art - includes Sopor Aeternus cover)

SAD & IV V I IV (GRE / MAL) - Split - 10" (Black, Split 10" - black metal)

End (GRE / US) - III - 2LP (Black, 2LP black vinyl edition - 14 years after original release - on III Damnation Prods)

Archaeos (GRE) - Hierarchy IEPAPXIA - 7" (Black, Pure Hellenic black metal)

Dizastor (USA) - After You Die We Mosh - CD (Thrash)

Nomad (POL) - Demonic Verses - CD (Death Black)

Gorgon (FRA) - The Lady Rides A Black Horse - CD (Black, 2010 re-issue of the acclaimed 1995 album from the French black metal act now on Osmose - this Todestrieb re-issue includes unreleased and 7" tracks from '93/94)

Wooden Veins (CHI) - Imploding Waves - digi CD (Atmospheric Doom, classic melodic doom metal, combined with progressive and gothic elements - 2nd album )

Aathma (SPA) - Dust From A Dark Sun - digi CD (Sludge Doom, unique style of sludge, doom and atmospheric metal, with massive wall breaking riffs and mesmerizing ambient passages )

Aathma (SPA) - Dust From A Dark Sun - LP (Sludge Doom, unique style of sludge, doom and atmospheric metal, with massive wall breaking riffs and mesmerizing ambient passages )

Voidhaven (GER) - Lithic - digi CD (Death Doom, Voidhaven blend their foundation of melancholic doom metal with elements of death metal)

Mournument (CHI) - Smouldering Into Dust - digi CD (Atmospheric Doom, aspects of traditional Chilean folklore, combined with melancholic Doom Metal. influences are Uaral the melancholy of Agalloch or Estatic Fear, and the folk spirit of Empyrium. Melancholy with elegantly adorned melodies )

Esoteric (UK) - Paragon Of Dissonance - 3LP (Extreme Doom, the 3LP edition of this fantastic album with tracks in original order - most recent issue by The Vinyl Division (Ardua) - comes on marbled grey vinyl, with insert in tri-fold sleeve - essential!!)

Urza & Calliophis (GER) - Dawn Of A Lifeless Age - LP (Death Doom, vinyl version of this awesome split - two of the finest extreme doom/death acts - this LP on "void noir vinyl - limited to 100 copies")

Urza & Calliophis (GER) - Dawn Of A Lifeless Age - LP (Death Doom, cosmic azur vinyl version - limited to 200 copies)

The Magus (GRE) - Vissodomontas - 2LP (Black, Greek Black Heavy Metal - double LP on gold and silver vinyls - 300 copies)

Funeris (ARG) - Waning Light - CD (Funeral doom)

Funeris (ARG) - Nocturnes For Grim Orchestra - CD (Funeral doom)

Funeris (ARG) - Ghostly. Gloomy Notes - CD (Funeral doom)

Funeris (ARG) - Baleful Astral Elements - CD (Funeral doom)

Kalt Vindur (POL) - Magna Mater - LP (Doom black, LP version)

Autumn Tears (USA) - Guardian Of The Pale - 2LP (Neoclassical / Folk, neoclassical darkwave)

Melan Selas (GRE) - Zephyrean Hymns - LP (Black)

Faith And The Muse (USA) - : Ankoku Butoh : - 2LP (Coldwave, folk, rock, darkwave - enchanting and defining - 2024 vinyl in beautiful gatefold edition includes 2010 live tracks (FFO: Dead Can Dance etc))

Angizia (AUT) - Kokon (Ein schaurig-schönes Schachtelstück) - 2LP (Gothic/Darkwave, a masterpiece of musical theatre, avant gothic black metal and prog rock - lavish 2LP gatefold set - available on both black vinyl or white vinyl)

Angizia (AUT) - 39 Jahre für den Leierkastenmann - 2LP (Avant Black, avantgarde, gothic, folk, black metal - limited to 100 copies - beautiful gatefold 2LP edition - black vinyl - includes insert and booklet)

Bigotry (CZE) - Step To The Grave - CD (Death Doom, Bigotry were the band which became Dissolving Of Prodigy - active from 1989-1993 - this CD is a re-issue of the demo from 1993)

Black Heaven (CZE) - Kharmic Wheel - digi CD (Death Doom)

Thalarion (SLO) - Towards The Obscure Slumberland - LP (Death Doom, Death doom metal with gothic elements - 2023 re-issue on vinyl)

Hypnotic Scenery (CZE) - Vacuum - LP (Atmospheric Doom, Atmospheric death doom - 2023 re-issue of debut album on vinyl)

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy (CZE) - Apotheosis &.....Amber Sea - LP (Atmospheric Doom, the 1995 and 1996 demos re-issued on vinyl - Czech doom death)

Sanatorium (SLO) - Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones - LP (Death, Re-issue on vinyl - Slovakian brutal death metal)

Labyrinthus Stellarum (UKR) - Tales of the Void - digibook CD (Atmospheric black, back in stock)

Swords Of Dis (UK) - Melencolia - A5 digi CD (Ambient Abstract, excellent new album from one of the UK's leading underground acts - symphonic dark metal. Recommended)

Hangman's Chair (FRA) - Hope / Dope / Rope - digi CD (Doom, back in stock - MusicFearSatan issue)

Le Reveil Des Tropiques (FRA) - Le Reveil Des Tropiques - digisleeve 2CD (Obscure, featuring band members from genres including free improv, noise, post rock - this album created something resembling a mix of Mogwai, Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth)

Hangman's Chair (FRA) - this is not supposed to be positive - digi CD (Doom)

Year Of No Light (FRA) - Ausserwelt - digisleeve CD (Sludge Doom, sludge drone doom postrock ambient - 2015 edition on MusicFearSatan with 3 bonus tracks)

Year Of No Light (FRA) - Nord - digisleeve 2CD (Sludge Doom, sludge doom drone postrock ambience - the great debut album - MusicFearSatan edition with additional disc of material from splits, covers and demo )

Jessica 93 (FRA) - Rise - digi CD (Obscure, shoegaze, punk, coldwave - FFO: Jesu, The Cure ++)

Jessica 93 (FRA) - Who Cares - digisleeve CD (Obscure, shoegaze, coldwave - in the vein of The Cure, Ride ++)

Hangman's Chair (FRA) - Banlieue Triste - 2LP (Doom, gatefold 2LP edition - MusicFearSatan issue)

Le Reveil Des Tropiques (FRA) - Big Bang - LP (Ambient Abstract, mixing cosmological trance, post rock, psychedelic rock)

Le Reveil Des Tropiques (FRA) - Le Reveil Des Tropiques - LP (Psychedelic)

Jessica 93 (FRA) - Rise - LP (Obscure)

Jessica 93 (FRA) - Guilty Species - LP (Obscure)

Across Tundras (USA) - Western Sky Ride - 2LP (Atmospheric Doom, Across Tundras both crush and soothe with expertly conjured sonic doses of ambient doom, vintage psychedelic rock and haunted folk. For fans of Black Sabbath, My Bloody Valentine, Hawkwind, Earth, Neil Young, Neurosis, and Pink Floyd.)

Le Reveil Des Tropiques (FRA) - Hallucinations Sceniques Vol 1 - LP (Obscure, Live album - a psychedelic mix of kraut-rock, noise, post-rock and free-jazz)

Tumulus (RUS) - Winter Wood - CD (Folk ambient, Folk metal, progressive rock)

Guru (FRA) - Nova Lvx - digi CD (Doom black, Debut album - black doom - for fans of Primordial, Urfaust, Shining....)

Dream Upon Tombs (AUS) - Palaces Of Dust - CD (Death Black, Debut album - Australian melodic death black - for fans of Dissection, Unanimated, Sacramentum.....)

Age Of The Wolf (CRI) - A Pilgrimage To Nowhere - digi CD (Sludge Doom, Sludge doom from Costa Rica - 2nd album - for fans of High On Fire - released on Sleeping Church Rcs.)

Goatroach (FIN) - Plagueborn - digi CD (Death, debut album of Finnish death metal - released on Sleeping Church Rcs)

Barabbas (FRA) - La Mort Appelle Tous Les Vivants - 2LP (Doom, Vinyl edition of the new, and 2nd, full length from doom act Barabbas)

Presumption (FRA) - Presumption - LP (Doom Stoner, debut album on vinyl)

Pulmonary Fibrosis (FRA) - Pulmonologists - LP (Death, Brutal death / grindcore)

Crimson Dawn (ITA) - Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter - LP (Heavy Metal, Italian epic doom/heavy metal)

Maze Of Terror (PER) - Ready To Kill - LP (Thrash, Peruvian thrash metal)

Solitude Aeturnus (USA) - Through The Darkest Hour / Downfall - digi 2CD (Doom, 2 albums on a 2CD digipack - 1998 re-issue on System Shock - 2nd hand but in good condition)

Horthodox & Haiku Funeral
Last updated: 6 June 2024

the new collaboration between Horthodox & Haiku Funeral is now available - released on digi CD

"Serpentine Sorcery" is a wonderfully disturbing piece of work.

Check out the first track of the album here......

And support these awesome underground obscure projects!!


Urza & Calliophis - split CD
Last updated: 2 June 2024

After an unexpected delay I finally have the "Dawn Of A Lifeless Age" CDs here.

Beautiful split release - both bands combine really well to make this an enthralling funeral doom death listen throughout.

Nice looking 8 panel digi CD - available now here on the AD website - or through the bands directly!

Journey through the funeral winter.....



Aesthetic Death upcoming releases...
Last updated: 24 May 2024


Esoteric (UK) - 9x vinyl box set (during 2024)

Unfold (USA) - debut album - CD (Summer 2024)

Voidwards (RUS) - tba - CD (Autumn 2024)

Until Death Overtakes Me (BEL) - Diagenesis - CD (Summer 2024)

Goatpsalm (RUS) - tba - CD (Autumn 2024)

Cave Dweller (USA) - Showing Teeth - CD (end 2024)


In production, at press:

Mekigah (AUS) - To Hold Onto A Heartless Heart - digi CD (release - July 2024)

Rot Coven (USA) - Nightmares Devour The Waking World - CD (release - July 2024)

Violenta Domestica (AUT) - Despicable - digisleeve CD (printing issues delayed release - out soon)


Longer term plans - at various stages of progress:

Mordor (SWI) - Odes - re-issue CD/LP (tba)

Wreck Of The Hesperus - 4 CD box set (tba)

MurkRat (AUS) - Drudging The Mire - 2LP (tba)

Endvra (UK) - Liber Leviathan - gatefold LP (tba)

Eventide - Waterline CD
Last updated: 18 April 2024

the excellent "Waterline" digi CD from France's EVENTIDE is now released (on April 11th)

See previous posts for descriptions of what a beautiful ambient, electronic improvised recording is to be found within.

And check out this fantastic premiere from our friends at Everything Is Noise.....

Eventide preview track
Last updated: 3 April 2024

the 2nd preview track from the upcoming "Waterline" album is now available to listen here......

Urza & Calliophis - split CD
Last updated: 3 April 2024

Really pleased to be working on an excellent split release with the titans of funeral doom/death - URZA & CALLIOPHIS

Coming out in early May - CD version released on Aesthetic Death - vinyl version on Meuse Music Records - all formats available directly from the bands.

Support underground doom noise!!


Eventide - Waterline CD
Last updated: 2 April 2024

the upcoming album from EVENTIDE is released on April 11th

check out this video clip from "Waterline"........

Suffer Yourself - Axis Of Tortures 2LP
Last updated: 19 February 2024

the vinyl 2LP edition of the excellent SUFFER YOURSELF "Axis Of Tortures" album is now ready

Beautiful lavish gatefold vinyl - comes on transparent smoke vinyl + fold out poster/inlay - really pleased with how this release turned out!!

Support underground death/doom.




Eventide - Waterline CD
Last updated: 19 February 2024

""Waterline" is the debut recording from EVENTIDE

A new band to most, but EVENTIDE has musicians which are already well respected within the underground scene.

"Waterline" is a beautiful album - a realisation and outlet for the guys from EPITAPHE.

Having additional recordings, which took shape during the "II" sessions, along with live performances conceived with the Collectif Eptagon, it was a natural progression for these unique and rich soundscapes to be given their own entity and identity - thus EVENTIDE evolved into being.

The four tracks display a more improvised electronic ambient atmospheric sonicscape - a convergence of the musical styles outside of "metal" that inspire these musicians.

Out during March 2024 - on digipack CD.



Vaina - new album "Unio Mystica"
Last updated: 15 February 2024

the new album is released from Finnish raw avant obscure "blackened metallers"

Vaina take us on an indescribable meandering journey - jump aboard if you're open minded to the trip

"Unio Mystica" is a mystical spiritual experience - hush the voice of rationality and reason - to let the God within come forth!!

Anyone who enjoyed "Futue Te Ipsum" will find great solace here.....



Vaina - Unio Mystica
Last updated: 15 February 2024

Out this week - the new Vaina album.....



Last updated: 15 February 2024

Aesthetic Death will only be selling via this website for the coming months.

Appreciate anyone who chooses to buy from me here - or buying direct from the bands themselves.

I'll update this news section, with stock that has arrived, at the end of each month.

Mourning Dawn - new AI video
Last updated: 15 February 2024

a new video for the track - Midnight Sun - is released this week by MOURNING DAWN

Created using AI - with the tremendous work of Stijn Van Cauter

this is a trippy, enticing video to this industrial-tinged track from the new album


Check it out here -


Esoteric shirts
Last updated: 7 February 2024


I now have limited quantities of the "Epistemological Despondency" shirts available.

Short sleeve - in M / L / XL

Long sleeve - in M / L

Hoodie - in M / L

Check out the store for more details.

All sizes and styles are still available directly from the Esoteric website + the Archivist website (all details below)



new ESOTERIC shirts are now available - for the "Epistemological Despondency" album

First time official ED shirts have been printed since 1995 - featuring original artwork and design from the album on hoodies, longsleeves and t-shirts.

Available directly from the Esoteric website -

Or from Archivist/Musical Hall at the following links:

Mourning Dawn - CDs + gig
Last updated: 26 January 2024

Next week I will receive the CD version of MOURNING DAWN's new album - The Foam Of Despair".

My apologies to all those who have been waiting on pre-orders - they will be shipped asap. 

Thanks for your patience - enjoy the album - it's worth the wait!!


If you're in Paris this weekend (January 28th) then check out MOURNING DAWN playing live @ Le Klub, along with ATARAXIE, DEHA + MARCHE FUNEBRE

Should be an awesome gig!!!



"The Foam of Despair" - full stream at Invisible Oranges
Last updated: 10 January 2024

Thanks to our friends at Invisible Oranges for the exclusive full album premiere of the new MOURNING DAWN album

Check out the full album - and read how the band see the development of their sound twenty years into their existence.....and their audial portrayal of despair.

Mourning Dawn - release 2nd track from new album....
Last updated: 21 December 2023

Check out another track from the forthcoming MOURNING DAWN album....... Enjoy!!


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