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Last updated: 25 September 2021

latest arrivals.....

- Winter (US) - Netherlands Into Darkness - CD (doom - Live at Roadburn 2011)

- Mortuary Drape (ITA) - Into The Drape/All The Witches Dance - CD (black Italian cult)

- Disgorge (MEX) - Through The Innards - CD (brutal gore death)

- Necromantia (GRE) - Vampiric Rituals - CD (Greek black - split '92 adv track + promo '90)

- Necrohell - Necrosounds - 2CD (black thrash)

- Xibalba (MEX) - Ah Dzam Poop Ek - slipcase 2CD (black, re-issue with poster)

- Ritual Cairn (UK) - demo MMXX - digi CD (black)

- Hyalithe - As If Sunlight Could Warm The Deceased - digi CD (black)

- Wolok (RUS) - Fading Mirth & Dry Heaves - digi CD (black)

- Absolute Key (FIN) - Puut Kantavat Valoa / Taring the Horizon / The Lost Gesture - digi CDs (ambient, black metal, noise)

- Funeral Tears (ARG) - the last god on the earth - digi CD (doom)

- Fen / Sleepwalker (UK/RUS) - Call of Ashes II / Stone & Sea - digi CD

- Crown of Asteria - Great Freshwater Seas - diig CD

- Graveyard Dirt (IRE) - Romance & Fire - 10" vinyl

- Graveyard Dirt (IRE) - Shadows of Old Ghosts - LP

- On Pain of Death (IRE) - Year naught Doom - LP (doom)

- Arcane Sun - Arcane Sun - CD

- Begrabnis (JAP) - Izannena - digisleeve CD (doom)

- Sinister Downfall (IGER) - A Dark Shining Light - digi CD (funeral doom)

- Assumption (ITA) - Mosaic of the Distant Dominion - digisleeve CD (death doom)

- Funeral Moth (JAP) - Polar - digisleeve CD (doom)

- Clouds - Dor II - LP - black vinyl (doom)

- Mhonos / Der Bluharsch - split - LP

- Monarch (FRA) - Sabbat Noir - LP (doom)

- Fields of Mildew - II - LP (dark folk)

- Nordvargr (SWE) - Pyrrhula - LP (dark ambient noise)

- MZ 412 (SWE) - Svartmyrkr - LP

- Det Katterska Forband (SWE) - Lidaverken - LP - black vinyl - (death industrial - Nordvargr + TRP)

- Skullflower (UK) - Spirals of Great Harm - 2CD (skullflower)

- Coil (UK) - Stolen & Contaminated Songs - diigi CD / 2LP

- Trepaneringsritualen (SWE) -- Algir, eller Algir i Merkstave - digi CD - (death industrial)

- Colossloth (UK) - Heathen Needles - digi CD (fractured sonics, bass rumblings)

- Sonologyst (ITA) - Ancient Death Cults and Beliefs - digi CD (dark ritual ambient)

- The Telescopes - Stone Tape - digi CD

- Vladimir Hirsch - Katagenesis - digi CD 

- Encircling Wolves - Equinoctial Manifestations - Tape (black)

- Sanctifier (BRA) - Demons - CD (death)

- Battlestorm - Demonic Incursions - digi CD (death blasphemy)

- Beherit (FIN) - Live at the Devil's Studio - CD (black)

- Marche Funebre (BEL) - Einderlicht - 2LP (doom)

- Majestic Downfall (MEX) - Aorta - CD (doom)

- Mourners (ROM) - Act 1: Tragedies - digi CD (funeral doom)

- Felgrave (NOR) - A Waning Light - CD (experimental doom death)

- Sporae Autum Yuggoth (CHI) - The Plague of Aeons (cavernous death doom)

- Slough of Despair (GRE) - Catacombs of Terror - CD (doom death)

- Pustilence (AUS) - The Birth of the Beginning - CD (death metal)

- Wharflurch (USA) - Shitslime - CD (death) 

Last updated: 11 September 2021

in the coming weeks I will be working with Finnish black metal band - VAINA

Elements are coming together on their latest album - Futue Te Ipsum

Black metal guided by intuition, music which is simulateously pioneering, nihilistic, dualistic, variant, spiritual, uncompromising, controversial....

More news to follow.....

Goatpsalm / Horthodox - Ash
Last updated: 9 September 2021

Check out the video-track to "House With No Windows" from the forthcoming - Goatpsalm / Horthodox album......


Goatpsalm / Horthodox - Ash
Last updated: 9 September 2021




We have fled from the shroud of deception that you have draped across the ruins of our traditions, your subtle twisting of the holy words and gestures that have sustained us through an eternity of winters. Here, beneath the trees, on hard ground cleared of snow we shall find our burning gateway to redemption. We Old Believers see the devil in your details, how Satan crawls serpent-like in the shadows of your obfuscation. I see the end of all things in your distorted presentation of the cross and so I take myself, my children and my love, into the flames. As we burn I sense that heaven is near, just beyond the pain, and in the screams of my little ones I hear the voices of angels. I make the sign of the cross – two fingers raised, not three – and drink deeply of the smoke; inhaling our immolation and salvation.

Goatpsalm and Horthodox are brothers in spirit, both explorers of the darkness. Goatpsalm wander through the lost and forgotten dreams of fallen civilisations, the obscure knowledge of past days and broken gods, while Horthodox pierce the shadows cast by the many arcane rituals and impenetrable words of Christian orthodoxy. In one moment of history their paths met, joined and entwined...and Ash was born. The Raskolor, or schism, of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th Century, when the Zealots Of Piety clashed with the Old Believers and families fled their homes and even walked into fire as they saw the end of the world approaching. This sundering of a nation was brought about by such small twists in doctrine as how many ‘hallelujahs’ it was proper to pronounce in honour of their god. Together, Goatpsalm and Horthodox have invoked the spirit of that age, the weight of centuries of faith, the mysteries bound within the practices of religion and the binding power of words and inherited belief. Both time and place are captured in the meditative, hypnotic echoes of ‘Here Is Our Salvation’...an unsettling presence nestles in the wailing pipes of ‘God Remained Still’. This is a haunted album that summons the ghosts of past generations to gather around the firelight and hear its tale. Such compelling power resounds in the captivating tones of ‘A House With No Windows’ and the souls of those who embraced the flames for their god drift on the cold winds of ‘Night Over Onega’. Wonderful implements like the Rozhuk, an ancient, wooden Russian trumpet and the Gusli, one of the oldest of all stringed instruments, help to bring transporting atmosphere to an album like no other. Incredibly affecting and utterly remarkable, Ash is something beyond our everyday experience – a gift for which we should be immensely grateful.


Despite the splendour of both Goatpsalm and Horthodox’s individual back catalogues, this marriage between the two occult forces has created something even greater than the sum of its parts. When Ash is released on six panel digipack by Aesthetic Death on 01 October and cassette by Death Scream Recordings it will consume you; draw your soul inexorably into its world of forest, firelight and shadow. Step back in time with Goatpsalm and Horthodox, peer beneath a veil of secrets and taste the darkness of utter and absolute devotion.


Genre: Dark Folk / Atmospheric Doom Metal

For fans of: Wardruna | Grift | Empyrium | Dordeduh



Horth – Synths / Sampling
Sadist – Acoustic Guitars / Bass
Sever – Bowed Strings
Nubiferous – Gusli / Rozhok / Flute
Vaarwel – Guitars (Rhythm / Lead)


Epitaphe - new album
Last updated: 2 September 2021

the new album from French doomed death metallers - EPITAPHE - is near completion.

Following the highly respected debut "I", EPITAPHE have been meticulously constructing tracks that further entrench their status amongst the global death doom elite

the new album - "II" - is planned for the early months of 2022

More news to follow soon 

Haiku Funeral - Drown Their Moons In Blood - digi CD
Last updated: 2 September 2021

the new album from the ever wonderful, and consistently twisted, HAIKU FUNERAL is under production

Entitled "Drown Their Moons In Blood" - due for release on October 31st 2021

Aesthetic Death upcoming releases...
Last updated: 31 August 2021

Suffer Yourself (SWE/UKR) - Rip Tide - LP (eta Sept 2021)

Funeral Chasm (DEN) - Omniversal Existence - 2LP (at press - eta end 2021)

Esoteric (UK) - Esoteric Emotions: The Death of Ignorance - 2LP (early 2022)


Megalith Levitation (RUS) - Void Psalms - CD (release - October 1st 2021)

Horthodox/Goatpsalm (RUS) - Ash - digi CD (release - October 1st 2021)

Haiku Funeral (FRA) - Drown Their Moons In Blood - CD (release - October 31st 2021)


The Slumbering (US) - Looking for Sorrow Within One's Fears - CD (November 2021)

Vaina (FIN) - Futue Te Ipsum - CD (Oct/Nov 2021)


Hivemind (UK) - Edict of the Elohim - CD (late 2021)


Mordor (SWI) - Odes - re-issue CD/LP (tba)

Estrangement (AUS) - debut full CD (tba)

Wreck Of The Hesperus - 4 CD box set (tba)

MurkRat (AUS) - Drudging The Mire - 2LP (tba)

Endvra (UK) - Liber Leviathan - gatefold LP (tba)

The Slumbering
Last updated: 24 August 2021

Following a long term collaboration and respect for the work of Clint Listing -  the countless excellent projects he has been involved with over the years and his dedication to dark music and underground culture - I am pleased to be working with him again on his latest project - THE SLUMBERING

Aesthetic Death will be releasing the debut album "Looking For Sorrow Within One's Fears" - which is a wonderful mesh of melody, rhythm and noise. Often sounding to me like a noisier/obscured version of "Iso-erotic callibrations" era T.A.G.C - an album which I first heard over 25 years ago and is still fresh and relevant today.

Planned release date is later in 2021

Into 2022 The Slumbering will be releasing their 2nd album on excellent UK label Trepanation Recordings - an album which takes the sounds of The Slumbering to even greater places and depths. Wonderful.

Goatpsalm / Horthodox - Ash
Last updated: 24 August 2021

the new album from Goatpsalm / Horthodox - "Ash" - is due for release on 1st October.

A wonderfully evocative album - can't praise this album enough and the evolution of these musicians

more info to follow soon.....

Megalith Levitation - new album
Last updated: 24 August 2021

the new album from Russian lysergic doom act - MEGALITH LEVITATION - is now at press

Four new psalms that are witness to a doomed apocalyptic vision

more news to follow - release date - 1st October 2021

Demo/Promo submission
Last updated: 13 August 2021

Existing as a label, focusing solely on physical media, certainly isn't easy these days....and the whole concept of running an underground label, with those core principles and values, is slowly ebbing away.
Suffice to say there is a deep paradox.....even within extreme and underground music/culture.

Aesthetic Death is far from being a "business" or a "job" - therefore, everything takes time, whether it's putting out releases, or simply responding to emails!!
So, to give people a heads up about sending me demo/promo material for potential release - please read on.....

- I'm always looking for interesting bands - and have always had a focus on supporting new/obscure underground acts.
- I already have a heavy release schedule, which will take me well into 2022.

Having said that, if you think your music is suited to Aesthetic Death,  then I’ll be more than happy to give it a proper listen and some consideration.

To save time, then this is how I accept submissions:
- I do not listen to anything online or via download. For me to listen to your music seriously then please send me a cdr. 
- Don't ask me to listen in any other fashion - as I can't.

Keep supporting physical media and underground culture.

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - vinyl out now
Last updated: 23 July 2021

"Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus" take us on drone ambient story through the lens of  World War and philosophy with an Eastern perspective

"Ost" is a captivating piece of work - a narrative and dialogue that paints an intriguing picture 

Released on vinyl only - part of a multi-label collaboration

Funeral Chasm -
Last updated: 17 July 2021

the utterly wonderful debut album - "Omniversal Existence" -  from Danish extreme doom act FUNERAL CHASM - has now been released

"Omniversal Existence" is a stunning piece of work - hard to put into words - it is not only one of the finest albums I have had the opportunity to release, but have ever enjoyed. It is an innovative doom album of introspective aura, of dark psychedlia, of soaring emotion - an album that needs to be listened to as a whole..... 

Essential listening.

the digi CD version comes in a beautiful digipack.

LP version hopefully available by the end of 2021

Keep supporting physical media and underground culture!!!!!

Suffer Yourself - Rip Tide - digi CD
Last updated: 17 July 2021

the new SUFFER YOURSELF album "Rip TIde" has finally been released 

A stunning piece of death doom - whole album built over a drone score created by Ukrainian artist Ugasanie

An oppressive and claustrophobic piece of work - "Spit In The Chasm" is such a finely crafted track,which demonstrates SUFFER YOURSELF are leading the way at the forefront of this genre.

digi CD available now - on this website or directly from the band - LP version should be released in September 2021

Keep supporting physical media and underground culture!!

Kadaver / Listing - out shortly
Last updated: 6 June 2021

the Kadaver / Listing cd will be out in the next days.

Ugly harsh noise with avantgarde nightmares

Suffer Yourself - artwork
Last updated: 14 May 2021

Cover artwork for the new SUFFER YOURSELF album.....


Suffer Yourself - release date announced
Last updated: 14 May 2021


Five years since the acclaimed doom/death of “Ectoplasm” – Suffer Yourself have returned with their latest offering “Rip Tide”.

Displaying a maturity and expression from over a decade honing their sound - “Rip Tide” is a superbly crafted album which, on the surface, leans more on their death metal tone but which has much more going on once you delve deeper.

Rip Tide” is due for release on June 25th – and rightly heralds Suffer Yourself as one of the leading protagonists within the doom/death genre

More info on the AD website or Suffer Yourself bandcamp page

Funeral Chasm - artwork
Last updated: 14 May 2021

Cover artwork for the new FUNERAL CHASM album


Funeral Chasm - Omniversal Existence 2LP/CD
Last updated: 14 May 2021


Very pleased to announce that “Omniversal Existence” is at press and due for release on 21st June.

Something special resonates throughout this album.

A sublime, melancholic and introspective piece of extreme doom.

One of my favourite albums – period.

Prepare yourself for a trip with Funeral Chasm


Check out the Funeral Chasm bandcamp page....a preview track should be available very soon....

Mourning Dawn - Dead End Euphoria - vinyl edition
Last updated: 4 May 2021

Great news.....the 2LP version of "Dead End Euphoria" is now released
All pre-orders are shipping.
Looks great - gatefold sleeve, black vinyl - limited to only 82 copies!!!!
Available to buy direct here at Aesthetic Death - or via the band very soon.

pando - rites cd
Last updated: 4 May 2021


the new album from much loved US act PANDO is out very soon.

Released on digi CD

Check out more info below....

there was a time when all I wondered was how the molds of men were formed 
with a catalyst as thin as water 
there is a need for something rough to shape the very shell that forms what's within 
but with a shell so thick in beauty we can lose track of what's inside 
since we already washed our hands of grime with its lye there's no escaping the modern thoughts of men

Epitaphe - enter studio
Last updated: 24 March 2021

Great news to hear that the guys in EPITAPHE are due to enter the Plastic Lobster studio again in the coming weeks to begin recordings for the new album.

Highly anticipated follow up to 2019's "I"

More news as it happens later into 2021

Mourning Dawn - Dead End Euphoria
Last updated: 16 March 2021


Following delays on top of delays – combined with elements of bad luck and governmental censorship – we can finally say that the new Mourning Dawn album – “Dead End Euphoria” is imminent.

The 5th album – essential to anyone who knows Mourning Dawn by now!!

Available on digi CD (in 500 copies) and 2LP vinyl (in 100 copies)

Hallowed Butchery - digi cd out soon
Last updated: 13 March 2021


the utterly wonderful HALLOWED BUTCHERY album – “Deathsongs from the Hymnal of the Church of the Final Pilgrimage” – will be out very soon.

Released on digi CD – with two booklets.

Check out more info below....


Death to all.

pando - rites cd - currently at press
Last updated: 4 March 2021

the new pando album - entitled "rites" - is currently at press.

An intense and disturbung creation which is a direct reflection of matters at the forefront.

Release in mid April

Hallowed Butchery - digi cd out soon
Last updated: 19 January 2021

Now under production is the digi CD version of the new HALLOWED BUTCHERY album - "Deathsongs from the Hymnal of the Church of the Final Pilgrimage"

If you're not aware of HALLOWED BUTCHERY then take the time to assimilate with this album - one of the best "doom" releases in recent times. The cd version includes an expansive booklet hinting towards the source inspirations of "Deathsongs..."

More news to follow - release due in February 2021

Mourning Dawn - Dead End Euphoria
Last updated: 19 January 2021

the long awaited new album from France's MOURNING DAWN will be available soon....

Album under production now and making good progress - looking towards a release for both cd and 2LP in March 2021

Expect one of the strongest MOURNING DAWN albums to date - French doom sickness

Epitaphe - I - vinyl version
Last updated: 17 December 2020

very pleased to now have released the vinyl version of the awesome crushing death doom debut from EPITAPHE

Green vinyl 2LP down to last few copies - Black vinyl still available

Support this great band!! Tape version now released on Gurgling Gore (US)

New album to be recorded soon!!

Farer - Monad - digisleeve CD
Last updated: 22 November 2020


the FARER album is now released....
"Monad" perfectly reflects the polarities found in the world today.
It is a wondrous paradox. A complex juxtaposition between the brutal bass driven anguish, and those moments of peaceful sublime beauty.
Check it out!
Tape version on the excellent 
Tartarus Records - CD out now on Aesthetic Death

Dark Awake - Hekateion - digi CD
Last updated: 2 November 2020

Out now - the beautifully evocative dark ambient album from DARK AWAKE - "Hekateion" - based upon the ancient goddess of witchcraft - Hecate

All orders being shipped this week - support physical releases and the magical world of underground art, culture and obscurity

Kadaver / Listing - release announced
Last updated: 2 November 2020

I'm very pleased to be working with KADAVER (ISR) / LISTING (US) on a forthcoming digi cd release.

Both established underground artists in the noise scene, amongst others - this is a well-crafted noise collaboration.

Release planned in the first quarter of 2021

Epitaphe - I - tape version
Last updated: 2 November 2020

Some great news to announce, there will be a tape edition, in addition to the upcoming 2LP vinyl version of the EPITAPHE debut album "I"

EPITAPHE have been in collaboration with the recently established, but utterly amazing, US label - GURGLING GORE - who will be putting out a beautiful and lavish tape edition of the "I" album.

Both myself and EPITAPHE are very grateful for the support and enthusiasm put into this edition by GURGLING GORE  - support this!!

Funeral Chasm - join forces with AD
Last updated: 21 October 2020

I am happy to announce that I will be working with Danish funeral doom act - FUNERAL CHASM - on the release of their debut album

More details will follow over the coming weeks - however, I can't recommend this album enough - it is a stunning creation of doom. It has a truly magical feeling to the album - and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with the guys from FUNERAL CHASM. 

Expect a cd release by March 2021 

The release of Funeral Chasm's album will be part of four exceptional doom albums I am fortunate enough to be releasing in the next 5 months. Those albums - from HALLOWED BUTCHERY (US), MOURNING DAWN (FRA), SUFFER YOURSELF (SWE/UKR) + FUNERAL CHASM (DEN) - really are some of the most innovative, powerful and beautiful doom albums that I've heard in recent years. This really is an exciting period in the life of Aesthetic Death.


Intaglio - s/t LP - released Nov 15th
Last updated: 21 October 2020

I'm very pleased to be collaborating (in a small way) in the forthcoming vinyl issue of the 2005 debut from INTAGLIO - which has been completely re-worked and improved for this new vinyl edition. Release date - November 15th 2020

A reimagined version of the self-titled debut "Intaglio" album originally released in 2005. The new version contains parts and sounds that were not included in the original version of the album, which is now in their place as originally intended. Every second of all the original source tracks underwent restoration and processing using top-class digital and analog equipment. Moreover, for the new version of the album, all drum parts were live recorded, without the use of triggering and sampling technologies, which is very rare nowadays. The album was restored and remixed by Evgeny Semyonov (When Nothing Remains, Woe Unto Me, Sorrowful Land) at Slow Burn Studio, mastering was performed by Mika Jussila (Shape Of Despair, Isole, Unholy, Moonspell) at Finnvox Studios.


Ignis Gehenna - new album
Last updated: 21 October 2020

Aesthetic Death is one of the distributors of the excellent new IGNIS GEHENNA album - which is released on 1st Novemeber.

Buy direct from the "shop" on this site.


Ignis Gehenna returns with it's sophomore album 'Rites of Transvaluation'. A quaturnite Janus face peering back into the fires of the past, toward the darkness of the future- all the while earthed as a threshold of serpent fire light in flux between them. Weaving a style where barbarity, obscurity and melody meld amidst a further delving into unhinged atmosphere.


'Rites of Transvaluation' was predominantly written and recorded in the same sessions as the debut 'Baleful Scarlet Star'. Neither album has a concurrent concept though both are intrinsically interwoven through time, space and intent.

Digipak CD release with eminent artwork by Vhan Artworks and Sinister Emanations Art. Released under the auspices of the band's label Aeon of Fire Music and available in the United Kingdom through Aesthetic Death


Farer - Monad - digisleeve CD
Last updated: 7 October 2020


I’m very pleased to announce a collaboration with the excellent Dutch doom act FARER

This sees the renewal of long term contacts, as FARER feature members of ORTEGA – who worked previously with Aesthetic Death. Plus “Monad” is jointly released with our friends at TARTARUS Recs who are taking charge of the tape version.

More info below.



Hailing from the Netherlands, doom/noise trio FARER conspire with Tartarus Records and Aesthetic Death to release “Monad”, the band’s first album, on November 20th 2020.

FARER create an imposing discord of severe, caustic bass textures, harrowing vocals and winding drums. The band, featuring members of Ortega, was originally founded as MENHIR in 2013, but chose FARER as their new moniker mid 2019, after spending two and a half years of writing and recording their debut record "Monad". By taking time to further explore the possibilities of being a band with two bass players and the absence of a guitar, the album exhibits the bands evolution into a new entity. Resulting in carefully crafted, drawn-out, oppressive and compelling songs.

Traversing the absolute – "Monad" is a testament to suffering. Heavy grinding riffs and deep pulsating rhythms; a restless stirring. Amidst all these layers we hear the human voice as a primal wordless scream – the shock of being. We feel the dissonance of forces vying for existence and the harmony of lightless oblivion. Whispers of unfathomable truths emerge from the static.

FARER presents a tactile experience of the grim and brutal cycle of creation and destruction. There is desperation and anger, but above all a greater comprehension of the eternal patterns reverberating through flesh. The relentless driving layers of crushed sound offer no respite. In resonance is the movement of great mass. The vocals are brutally honest and raw. Complex and utterly bleak. A confrontation with the void.

Out of nothing, nothing becomes.


Frank de Boer - Bass/Vocals

Arjan van Dalen -  Bass/Vocals

Sven Jurgens - Drums/Percussion

FOR FANS OF: The Body, Sumac, Amenra

Cave Dweller - Walter Goodman - digi CD
Last updated: 24 September 2020

the CAVE DWELLER digi CD has been released today.

A stunning piece of dark folk, singer songwriter, obscurity - a testament to loneliness and isolation

Check out the tracks here:



Dark Awake - Hekateion - digi CD
Last updated: 24 September 2020

Check out the video clip trailer for the forthcoming album from DARK AWAKE

digi CD should be released in early November.


Mourning Dawn - new album
Last updated: 29 August 2020


after years of turmoil.....years which might have destroyed other people.....those years have culminated in "Dead End Euphoria", the new album from French extreme doom act - MOURNING DAWN
One of the few bands which get darker and heavier as the years pass - using the negatives in life as a force to create and compose with such majesty and passion for the dismal.

The album is now at press and will be available by the end of 2020 - on digi CD and gatefold 2LP

More news to follow....

Violenta Domestica - Cephalaea cd
Last updated: 29 August 2020

I'm very pleased to be collaborating with the exciting and hugely creative artist - Dr Winter - on the release of his debut full length album, under the monicker VIOLENTA DOMESTICA

The music of VIOLENTA DOMESTICA is termed as "experimental electronic musick" - which is indeed an appropriate defintion. The music is often poignant, often disturbing, often twisted....but always creative and thought provoking.

My admiration for this work is probably born from a passion in years past for the music from acts such as GGFH, Velvet Acid Christ, HH9 etc.... Merging and moving between ambience, driving ebm industrial rhythms, towards piling noise and sinister intention.

Focusing on the darker and twisted side of human nature - there is something for all in "Cephalaea". Expand those horizons - check this out.

Preview here: www.facebook.com/violentadomestica/videos/990459501382564

Poet - Emily digi CD
Last updated: 21 August 2020

I'm pleased to now have available the new CD from POET - an excellent doom band from Oregon, USA

Limited quantities here - direct import from the US.

Esoteric - Metamorphogenesis 2LP
Last updated: 21 August 2020

the "Metamorphogenesis" 2LP is now released - the vinyl is looking good. As we had planned and hoped.

The vinyl is now available to buy - directly on this website or via the Esoteric website.

All pre-orders are now being prepared and will ship over the next week - thanks for your patience with this release.

Suffer Yourself
Last updated: 19 August 2020

I'm very happy to announce a collaboration with the most excellent Swedish/Ukrainian act - SUFFER YOURSELF

Having put out a couple of great releases since their inception - I'm excited to put out this latest album, which is their strongest material yet.

More news will follow, with a release planned in early 2021. Expect a wonderful piece of doom/death

Megalith Levitation / Dekonstruktor - Split
Last updated: 17 August 2020

Very pleased to say that the MEGALITH LEVITATION / DEKONSTRUKTOR split CD is now released and available.

Looks great and sounds awesome. Acerbic lysergic monolithic doom

Check it out - orders available now.

Lycaean Triune tape releases....
Last updated: 14 August 2020

AD is now stocking all tape releases from the excellent Alaskan tape label - Lycaean Triune

Bands involving some members of Yaldabaoth and Arria Paetus

Malsumis - 'Spirit Decay' Tape

"Written in homage to their surrounding landscape, the Alaskan group Malsumis possess a sound similar in atmosphere to that of Drudkh and classic Enslaved, but channeled through a decidedly more aggressive path. Within a mere six tracks, the full force of Malsumis' vision is felt, an attack both beautiful and biting."
They Leapt From Burning Windows - 'Demo 2020'
"Conjured from cold winds and grey days, They Leapt From Burning Windows emerge again to debut 6 tracks of raw melodic black metal tinged with longing and hate. Composed & recorded at the Unsafe Space in Anchorage, Alaska over the course of four long winters, this demo finds the band documenting the various feelings evoked by that dark season, from the descent of life into ice, to the frozen isolation that falls along with the snow."
Heel - 'Foreign Tongues'


"Featuring members of the Lycaean Triune, fellow Alaskan band Heel unleash their grinding hardcore with as much vitriol and hate as possible. For fans of Kickback, Integrity, & Rot In Hell. Self-released by Heel."

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